Best advert

Don't know if this has been done before? I know the worst advert has been done. So lets go for the best ad of all time.......

Mine has to be the John West salmon with the bear I laughed my fooking arse off and I still chuckle thinking about it.
Stella Artois.

I'll always raise a glass to those.
The ones for the teabags with the big bloke and the monkey.
Lynx - the one with the guy on the beach and tons of totty racing to get to him
Lots of those faceparty tw@ts seem to like grills.

They can't be all bad I suppose.
mistersoft said:
Lots of those faceparty tw@ts seem to like grills.
is that the bloke on C4 on saturday nights doing the survival series ????
The advert with the kid making mud pies outside, two little guys in the soap bottle think its for carex

The line "Talented but completel mad" as he smashes the garden up
The new Lynx add, Dad's visiting his son in the UK, comes out of the toilet after spraying some lynx to cover up the guff, his son's hot wife gets a sniff and starts with the, 'bow chicka bow wow', and rips his clothes off, "I love this country" he says.
The recent helping from Lynx when the old boy sprays his sons Lynx on. He walks in the living room and the son's girlfriend, well starts going "Bikka wow, bikka wow wowow" and roping the old boy in and then rips his trolleys off..

Rather amusing!
Washing powder with dads in shed and kids with mud pies. Later in kitchen bloke with pet lip saying call that covering me.


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Dambusters Carling black label one...
Honda 'impossible dream'. Pure class.

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