Best actor playing an SNCO/WO in TV/Films

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tax_Tw-t, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. OK, how about we open nominations for the actor who has given the best representation of an SNCO or WO in TV or film?

    To be followed by a poll once more nominations have been received - no statuette to give away though :(

    Not necessarily limited to British/Commonwealth forces, but given this is ARRSE there's likely to be a bias.

    My nominations are:

    Windsor Davies: BSM Tudor Bryn 'Shut Up' Williams in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum"
    & BSM 'Tiger' Bloomer in "Carry On England" - 'No, No, No, that is not thee way, that is not theee waaay!'

    RSM Ronald Brittain MBE: RSM Brittain/"RSM" in "You Lucky People"/"Carrington VC" and others - 'Am I hurting you?...I should be, I'm standing on your hair!'

    Clint Eastwood: Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge" - 'I'm not doing this so I can take warm showers with you a$$holes…'

    Harry Andrews: RSM Bert Wilson in "The Hill" - 'The Commandant signs bits of paper. He'd sign his own death warrant if I gave it to him'

    R. Lee Ermey: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in "Full Metal Jacket" - 'Did your parents have any children that lived?'

    Nigel Green: CSgt Bourne in "Zulu" - ' Because we're here, lad. There's no-one else. Just us'

    Anyone got any nominations? (N.B. This isn't a quotes contest, quotes were added for effect!)

    Edited to add - we're not only going for realistic, but also for totally OTT, humorous, stereotypical, atypical but funny etc.
    Basically, your favourite.
  2. How would you know? You're a civvy. Are you basing it on the typical civilian interpretation of what a Warrant Officer represents? Kill yourself numbers boy.
  3. I quite like Sgt Wilson (LeMesurier) on Dads Army- 'Now would you chaps mind falling in please'?
  4. This is why I opened it up for nominations before starting a poll, in case my "civilian interpretation" was misguided.

    Congrats on the O2 thief tag, well deserved.
  5. Gotta be sarnt major SHUTUP ain`t alf `ot mum :x had a Bsm just like him
    alcoholic geordie tw*t
  6. That geezer sam elliot in "we were soldiers"

    Sgt Maj Plumley

    "Any one of you sons of bitches call me grandpa, I'll kill ya."

    " You can't take any pictures from down there, sonny"
  7. And who could forget the immortal " Custer was a pussy"
  8. "Custer did OK until his last battle".
  9. The head Booty (RSM? W/O? how the hell should I know?) from 'An Ungentmanly Act'

    "F*** off you Spick bast@rd"

    IMDB says

    Garry Cooper (no, not that one) that played Colour Sgt. Muir
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Richard Attenborough

    RSM Lauderdale in "Guns at Batasi"
  11. RSM in wild geese- "get up you bleeding screaming faggot before i sew up your ********"
    Capt janders sir, get up before i kick your ******* head in"
  12. RSM Brittain was an RSM in real life, so does he count?

    Would also add Richard Attenbough, in 'Guns at Batasi' especially ticking of some unfortunate for not saluting.
  13. Probably the worst piece of mis-casting and even worse acting in a warry film that I've ever seen. Get a grip, A-Y!
  14. The RSM off Wild Geese.
    ''Move it befor i sew up your ********!''
    ''On your feet you fukcing abortion!''
  15. Hard to say really, I suppose he technically became an actor who played Sergeant Major type characters - talk about typecasting!