Best acronyms

Speedy said:

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.
Used in IT circles to describe somone who didn't RTFM.
And aptly demonstrated by the fact that you meant to type PEBKAC!!! :D :D :D

Classic, swamping my pants :D
FIDO Fcuk It Drive On

DT Deserving Twat

PDMP Pretty Dangerous Motherfcuking People

SNAILS Slow Nerdy @ssholes In Ludicrous Shoes
This one is far too sensible and very spotterish but probably the MOTHER of all acronyms. Here we go.....are you ready to embrace the horror that is BOWMAN.....

D.B.L C.I.P -

Expands slightly to D.B.L ComBAT Infrastructure and Platform BISA

But in full is...

Digitisation of the Battlespace Land, Common Battlefield Application Toolset, Infrastructure and Platform Battlefield Information System Application



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