Best acronyms

GOTPATS.........Good On The Phone Add Two Stone.

As in...."I was phoning Bn HQ the other day and a clerk answered, she/he sounded Hot, but I reckon he/she's GOTPATS"
Along the same lines as seen before...

Cambridge University Netball Team

(Apparently theyre now known as Cambridge University Ladies Netball :lol: )
An officer:
is never lost, he is merely geographically disorientated.
is never drunk, he is socially confused.
never comes, he arrives.

Gas Gas Gas

does this mean the officers my friends have met have merely been, geographically disorientated, whilst socially confused, leading to them arriving to soon and in the wrong place?

FIGJAM - Fcuk I'm Good, Just Ask Me. Usually applied to a young pilot who believes his abilities to be of a nature that outweighs his log book and experience. The Douglas Bader attitude with a Frank Spencer ability. Can equally be applied to many other trades.
Lets hope his early days as a pilot were a dam site better than his first few days as a groundie... :D :D


You often reach critical mass and instead of walking home to a pissed of girlfriend and the hangover from hell, you go into invinsible mode and drink the world's supply of booze.............the horror...the horror....make it stop mummy...make it stop :twisted: :evil: :oops: 8O
The Immigration Service have an organisation calling itself MADCAT:

Manchester And District Central Arrest Team.

They even got one of their ladies to run up a Mad Cat patch to go on their stabproof vests, holdalls, vehicles and in fact everything else that was standing still in their office - warry stuff like filing cabinets and sheets of A4. What's sadder, they invented the "central" bit to make a better acronym. Very Manc.

I'll probably forgive you for snaffling my signature tag. Nevertheless, I can only assume your friend has met the wrong type of officer. Socially, I've always understood it was polite to arrive a couple of minutes late. Unless, of course, they were applying the "5 minute rule" and arrived 5 mins before the start.


Mushroom - I'm back, now will you buy me a drink?
Thank you for the clarification, it was totally unnecessary, however enlightening, I was not in the process of 'snaffling' anything from you, however entertaining it may become by 'handling'.
My friends assure me I am in the right, and you are therefore, in the minority, if indeed you are one of officers who 'arrive' a couple of minutes late.
They, so I am told, are usually in the company of those who apply the 5-minute rule, and, how shall I put this to avoid deletion, over shot the mark....?
Again thanks for the do the men become alarmed by the officers running when the officers are behind them???

Debrett's Etiquette and Modern Manners, the generally accepted authority on these matters, says that 'the well-mannered guest will arrive slightly, but only a few minutes, later than the appointed time.'.

The 'five minute rule' is used, in Messes, to ensure that junior officers are in place to greet Mess guests and senior personnel.
In 'gulf war 1' we had FARTs
Forward Anaesthetic Resusitation Teams
From Saef Sareea II:

BFOT - Big F**k Off Tent
SFOT - Small F**k Off Tent

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.
Used in IT circles to describe somone who didn't RTFM.