Best acronyms

Of course, all acronyms are invented by the Acronym Research and Selection Executive.  And isn't it lucky that Cranfield University doesn't have a branch if the Nuffield Trust.
N.E.W.D. - Night Exercise Without Darkness.
S.O.P.O.N.F.I......Switched Off, P*ssed Off, Not F*cking Interested
N.F.U.     No F**king Use (applies to kit and individuals)
N.F.I.      Not F**king Interested (as per Woopert, but slightly more motivated :-/.)
W.A.F.U. Wet And F**king Useless (Normally a term of endearment for the Fleet Air Arm).
LPC leather personnel carrier

BOBFOC- Body off baywatch Face off crimewatch! :D
T.F.B.U.N.D.Y - Totally Fucked But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet (MILAN pl course when the det doesn't kill the tank / APC!!!)

SOUP - Single Officers Useless Purchase
JAFFA - Just Another Fat Farking Administrator
PONTI - Person Of No Tactical Importance
FUBAR - Farked Up Beyond All Recognition
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Farked Up
PSG - Potential Security Guard - Reg NCO nearing end of engagement
FIS - Future Insurance Salesman - Officer in same state
APFSDS(T) - Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot Tracer - I know this is true, not funny but I like it anyway
BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Southampton Higher Institute of Technology
EBS - Emergency Battle Sleep

Definition: the snooze you have on a Friday night between having your tea and going out on the piss.
NFI - Not F*cing Interested
SOPONFI - Switched Off, Pi**ed Off, Not F*cking Interested
FNU SNU (First Name Unknown Second Name Unknown).
Not in itself funny, but hilarious when a Rupert who shall remain nameless becomes convinced it's a real Bosnian chappy who keeps popping up all over the place... :D
My favourite is the CORGI - Commanding Officers Really Good Idea.

As in, 'Oh bloody hell, the Boss has had another CORGI'
Attending one of my various service schools, the instructors were usually ensigns directly out of college. It was a deal that the US Navy would pick up their college loans if they serve a certain amount of time as instructors. Most of em were woman.

Their title?

Wait for it.....

Direct Input Limited Duty Officers.