Best acronym ever? Like BAPS but bigger

Reminds me of a question on Million Pound Drop a few weeks ago . .

"Which one of these is a professional body for Plastic Surgeons?"


The numpties put half on BAAPS and the other on TITS? Oh dear oh dear! :roll:

It's not really that difficult is it?
One fm 8 Bde:
BONCO (pronounced bonko)
Brigade Orderly NCO

Dunno if it was unique to 8 Inf or used elsewhere. Sounded like attempted drunken shenanigans.

Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
Ltd - likely to die.

I heard doctors used to put FLF - funny looking fellow - or some such on their notes. Sure someone who works in the profession on the site can clarify or correct me.

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