Best Acoustic versions of songs?


sorry if this is a repost, used search had no results

from the songs i have heard my faves are:

Scars - Papa Roach
Cute without the E (cut from the team) - Taking Back Sunday
Thousand Trees - Stereophonics
stereophonics - heart of gold
Gus - dont fear the reaper
Foo Fighters - everlong

going to have to leave it at that i cud go on forever, i seem to like acoustic versions better than the original.
Having seen the 'phonics do a purely acoustic gig, any song by them done acoustically is awesome. Having seen oasis do a few acoustic versions, can say the same about them too! Same goes about foo fighters, there are so many acoustic versions by them on youtube, and they're all awesome.

My top three are all foos:

Times like these
Best of you


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Bruce Springsteen did a new version of Born to Run, and the accoustic version of that was brilliant. It seemed much deeper and less angry than the original.


A weird one but it does remind me of barracks at Fally. An Eddie Reader accoustic cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Really weird version but stragely good.

That's a double whammy - cover and accoustic - beat that one.


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Saw Kelly Jones doing an Acoustic set in Birmingham couple of years ago, small gig, little theatre, few hundred people and their aucoustic version of Dakota was just fantastic.

The Kooks did a cover version of Gnarles Berkleys song, Crazy which is brilliant and highly recommended.


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Personally, in general I loathe and detest acoustic rehashes of songs that were meant to be electric. Sadly, the name Clapton is top of the list.



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Slide Away- Noel Gallagher

V.Good especially as his poncing twat of a brother doesn't make an appearance.

Youtube it.

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