Best 2 player Xbox 360 games

After finishing Borderlands and Modern Warfare 2, we are looking at getting some new games. Can anyone recommend 2 player co-operative games we can look at, and what they found good about them? Cheers for any help!
I was going to suggest GOW1 as it feels like the game was built around the co-op rather than it was tacked on as an after thought. Have yet to play GOW2 but would think up to the same standards. Army of 2 quite good for the same reasons.
Cheers for all the suggestions so far guys!
Army of two, though I cant remember wether its live co-op only or not.

Resident Evil 5

The Simpsons Game can be a laugh

Rainbow Six Vegas (1 or 2)

Thats all i can think of to be honest. but That the list I'd go for if I had the money...............and a friend :(
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