"Best 100 War Movies"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Vegetius, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Tonight on C4 at 2120 is The Best 100 War Movies of All Time.

    I'm a sucker for these silly "Best 100" things anyway, and I love war movies so that'll be me on the sofa until silly-o-clock.

    I will let those who missed it know what the "experts" thought. I'm expecting Apocalypse Now and All's Quiet on the Western Front in the top ten.

    Any other predictions? The wife's favourite war movie is The Guns of Navarone (don't ask). I suspect it might be in the 90's.

  2. Kelly's Heroes!
  3. platoon in the top 10

    stalingrad in the 30s

    full metal jacket top 10

    a bridge to far top 3

    great escape top 5

    battle of britain top 10
  4. Ice Cold in Alex, top 20

    Dambusters, top 10

    let's not forget Zulu.
  5. The thin red line
  6. 'Dirty Dozen'
    'Buffalo Soldiers' (don't think this counts as a war film. More sgt bilko than anything else)
    'Enemy at the Gate'

    these are my wild cards! Place bets now!
  7. zulu in top 5, zulu dawn 70s

    thin red line didnt do too well in cinemas etc id say 40s

    saving private ryan, how could we forget ! thats got to be in the top 10

    band of brothers, if they allow it in, top 10
  8. Great escape - No 1

    Apocalypse Now - top 10
    Platoon - top 10
    FMJ - ditto
    Saving Private Ryan - top 20
  9. Tora Tora Tora - Top 30

    Went the day well? Top 50 , but the poxy Eagle has landed will place higher.

    Full Metal Jacket -Top 10

    Cross of Iron - Top 5.

    Battle of Britain -Top 10
  10. The usual are going to be in the top 10 Apoclaypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, Platoon etc. Nice to see where movies such as Von Ryans Express is sitting, Zulu Bridge of Remegan. Oh well let us wait and see.
    Is there going to be a website with the titles of these videos, so we can purchase them and add to the collection.

    Cheers 2CB
  11. Hill in Korea, and for those who can remember it, I GIVE YOU........

    Corporal Murphys section, remember the 2 SUS sorry Russian squaddies in the trench getting taken out by Cpl Murphys cunning flanker. They don't half duck fast when the Charlie G on a string heads their way.

    Other than that Battle of Britain, especially when the music goes a bit weird on the huge bombing raid on London.
    Bet they don't show the Padres wanking machine :twisted:
  12. Battle of Britain has to be in the top 10

    Zulu top 20 at least ("they know my voice when they hear it") :D

    The Longest Day top 10 (what a cast list)

    The Sands of Iwo Jima top 50?

    Waterloo top 30

    Boys From Company C (featuring a youngish Lee Ermey jr. later the DS in Full Metal Jacket)

    Oooh and The Battle of the Bulge just for the Panzerlied Scene

    And Finally One of Our Aircraft is Missing
  13. Sergei Eisenstein's "Ten Days That Shook The World." A pro-Bolshevik propaganda piece about the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Terrific cinematography, however deplorable the message.

    "Paths of Glory" Egomaniac incompetent French general frames four completely innocent soldiers on trumped-up cowardice charges after a boneheaded offensive fails. A youngish Kirk Douglas as the French infantry captain (trial lawyer in civilian life) who passionately, but unsuccessfully defends them. Produced by the brilliant Stanley Kubrick.

    "The Caine Mutiny." Bogart played the neurotic captain of a USN destroyer-minesweeper in the Pacific, a mentally small man trapped in a job that proved bigger than he was. The script was flawed and inferior to the Herman Wouk novel, but interesting nevertheless.

    "Dr. Strangelove." Another Kubrick film. A satire on the national security state. SAC base commander goes off his rocker and dispatches his B-52 bombers to attack the USSR. Peter Sellers was fantastic as an RAF officer seconded to SAC as the loony commander's aide, and the president of the United States, and as Dr. Strangelove.

    The latter character was a conflation (so I've read) of the RAND Corporation's Herman Kahn and Henry Kissinger, then a name unheard of outside of national security circles.
  14. How the hell is the 'English Patient' a War Film?

    The only reason 'Come and See' is sitting out there in the wilderness, is because not enough people have seen it. Makes 'Cross of Iron' look pale.

    Nice to see Stalingrad made the list too.