Bessbrook Mill - Photographs

Many thanks for those. I'd forgotten about the viaduct.

It was the noise that was so indicative of the place; all the various heli engines out on the pad and the continual sound of people going up and down stairs.
I passed out of JLRRA in Jul 90, got posted to 4 Regt RA at the end of August and went almost straight into Ireland training. Had a rather dry and uneventful 18th birthday in Tin City and deployed early in Jan 91 for 6 months.

At a weedy 10 stone, the sight of the Mill after a day on patrol humping all kinds of ECM gear plus the batteries it all needed was a welcome one, only to have to get up those stairs to our rooms was another effort in itself!

Praise be to the chefs who kept the hotplate on for egg banjos, no matter what time you came back into camp from patrol. Also remember a couple of covert insertions to the chippy on the way back from the VPC on shift changeover, a rare but welcome treat!

My favourite memory of the place was sitting on the helipad waiting for the Wessex to pick us up to go home. Everyone else had left on the Chinooks and then I spotted my future brother in law coming up the helipad for day one of his 6 month tour. I had great glee in saying hello, followed by the inevitable 'STAG ON" :)
good times :)

I reckon there are still secret sun beds stashed around the place

what are they doing with it?
thegimp said:
good times :)

I reckon there are still secret sun beds stashed around the place

what are they doing with it?
I think it's going to be turned into some accommodation like flats and things, actually by converting the mill building.

I wonder if they've kept the rooftop sangar to market as a penthouse suite :)
I spent an awful lot of time going through there in 93-95 but I'm, damned if I remember the viaduct :( where was that?
i remember the senior ranks hogging the sun beds,remember lugging LSW,antler,chest webbing and spare batteries upto the top floor!and i remember a certain someone blowing up the surrounding countryside of R12 by accident!! :p physically demanding tour but the photos brought back some good memories!
Many thanks for the photos. Some good memories. I wonder if the wall decorated with Regimental murals has been preserved, defaced or erased?
Got some pics somewhere of the helipads being built by my Squadron in 86, busiest heliport in the world we were told.
Apparently at the very centre of the Mill was an MFO box lid that held all the million and one other box lids and pieces of plywood up. It was said that if it was ever removed BBK would collapse. Fact.

1987 for me.


I remember the 1-k tree that we used to tell us if we had enough forward visibilty to launch - the Crabs wouldn't rely on it - but I cannot for the life of me remember seeing that viaduct.

Perhaps it was hiding in the perpetual murk.

And I don't remember sunshine!
Alright you old dodgers :) , interesting viewing these photo's but i'v no idea what or who was there and it looks like an old prison..........
Cheers for jogging the memory. I was first there in '77 passing through and then spent the summer of '79 banged up there with REST. A sad, sad summer that was.

Passed through on various occasions on later tours, some good memories of the old Mill and some that haunt me till this day.

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