Bespoke Tailor or Shirt Maker needed.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by dingerr, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. You'd think it would be quite easy, quick search of Internet and job jobbed.

    Having no thumbs means buttons really are a no no, so I need to speak to a decent tailor who can make me what I need at a reasonable price. All the ones I've checked out just measure up and work from patterns or send measurements off to Nepal for it to be manufactured cheap.

    Buying a shirt and having it altered is not on, they tend to do a shit job for more than the cost of the shirt and it neither feels or looks good.

    Any help will be good. I'm in the midlands, but UK wide is fine.
  2. We have a site tailor, Sandbags I believe, he's also quite delicious.
  3. Never thought of that, just tried to fasten a couple of shirt buttons without using my thumbs, without much success.

    Don't know any shirters personally, but if it's within your budget any bespoke tailor should be able to run some up. Failing that, have you tried asking on a web forum for sewing enthusiasts? There are a lot of highly skilled seamstresses out there happy to make a bit of pin money, I got a collarless short I bought in Prague copied very skilfully after asking on a (now-defunct) crafts forum.
  4. Should be able to get Velcro fastening with sewn on buttons.
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  5. What a ghastly shirt. I think I'd sooner go out in a string vest and trakkie bottoms, than appear in public in so noisome a garment.
  6. My mother in law is an expert seamstress and has also made bespoke leather gloves for people with missing fingers. And she likes a challenge!

    Dingerr - what sort of fastenings would be useful to you? I can't promise anything, but I could certainly run it past her.

    She is a very practical lady, but for **** sake don't ever get her talking - she likes nothing better than a captive audience ;-)
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  7. How about this lady:

    Style for Soldiers | Luxury Cotton Shirt | Emma Willis

    Quote from the site:
    The free thumb-stick might be taking the piss, but you may even find that you will be looked after with a free shirt!
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  8. But they will have an idea and maybe make something for him.
  9. I'd second this, give Emma a ring.
  10. Emma already produces shirts for injured troops, she comes to Headley and does them for free. Her shirts are normally £300+ so it would be more than cheeky of me to pop in the shop and ask for a free one and £300 is far too much.

    She is gorgeous though and so are her daughters.
  11. Give these a try: The Sewing Forum

    Jarrod's idea of velcro and dummy buttons sounds a good 'un.
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  12. Thailand would be another option I'd happily shove you about. Once they've your measurements you'd be sorted.
  13. Dingerr is a very worried man ......
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