Bertie the Smoking Beagle

Does anyone remember a character on TV called Bertie the smoking beagle who spent his days/life in a testing lab?

Was it from the Spitting Image era? Its ringing bells but vaguely any help.

As they said in the lab the orphanage hired us out to - two heads are better than one.

I ain't gona go to rehab I say no no no.....
jarrod248 said:
That looks a little bit cruel!!!!

Other than the photo I've just seen, I don't remember smoking beagles. Sorry mate, can't help here.
Quite simply Looney.....

Because I'm a sick puppy :-D

That's what makes the Army what we are mate - gawd bless us :-D
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Beagles?

Spaniels do it better.

That one's a Springer though.
It was "Jeremy The Smoking Beagle" and it was a sketch in Hale and Pace :D
Thank you Treborrek so it was!!! :D

I must've been gettn mixed up with him and Bertie Bassett.

Problem solved Cheers!!!

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