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Sad news, just heard that Bert Weedon has died. he was 90. Brilliant guitarist who inspired so many musicians.
Memories of childhood, RIP Bert, you unleashed a whole generation of little pluckers into the world, some of whom turned into very rich pluckers indeed.
Bert was a permanent feature on the 10am Saturday Morning Club hosted by Brian whatshisface.
Yep, sad to see him go. I was going to say it was a sad year for ex-guitarists because Les Paul had carked it as well, but was amazed to find out LP checked out in Aug 09! Christ, doesn't time fly when you are getting on a bit?

Editted to add, Gary Moore checked out just over a year ago. They must have a cracking sessions band in the afterlife! :)


Bert Weedon's "Play in a Day" was the book that came along with my shiny new acoustic guitar on Christmas morning 1997. Because this book had come free with my christmas present, my scrooge of a father refused to get me proper guitar lessons...

... I still can't play the guitar!


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Brian Matthews? Still doing 'Sounds of the Sixties' on Radio 2, saturday mornings.

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