Bert turns Bad

It saddens me to pass on the news that Bert has parted with life long pal Ernie and joined the Taleban

And has even been pictured with Bed linen himself

Mr Snuffleupagous is said to be outraged and plans to kick fcuk out of him should he ever darken the doors of No 42 Sesame street again. Grover was unmoved but Big Bird was clearly distraught at Berts turning to a life of terror.
Evil fcuker, killings too good for him etc etc ... eyes too close together ... muttermutter ... in my day ...

MDN - you pulled it out the bag again, but have broken hundreds of hearts all round the country.
I was Always told never trust a Mono Brow...... looks like i was told right!!
Just for those others that missed this one....



The original Evil Bert site was shut down after 9/11 when lots of miserable people got all upset at the Bert & Bin Laden stuff. Good to see others are keeping Bert evil.

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