Berocca Pee

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Billy_Rubin, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. I have just started taking those fizzy Berocca tablet things because apparently there are not that many 'vitamins' in scrumpy and tabs.

    My pee is now a coming out a lurid fluorescent colour. Does anyone else get this or are my kidneys finally packing in?

    And that advert is a bunch of bollocks too. Me but on a good day is when I am on the outside of several pints of Black Rat and balls deep in a stable girl. All I get from Berocca is burps that taste like toilet duck.
  2. Apparently the bints love the taste of Berocca jizz :)
  3. Yep, fluorescent wee wee, when I did the London Marathon I got some in the goody bag you get at the end.

    I was a tad worried that the 26.2 miles of hell had affected my piss filtering system, until I read the packet
  4. I will have to test that out sometime.

    I was considering hoying one of the tablets up a girls slime pocket to see what happens. I heard Alka Seltzer can have quite a pleasing effect but I'm sure Berocca would be more of a crowd pleaser. Not unlike a bulldog chewing on a bag of orange sherbert.
  5. Berocca pee is quite normal. I have been on it for 6 months and have never felt better.
  6. When the b vitamins are metabolised, when you wee that is the outcome. The major energy boosting properties of berocca is the b vitamins.

    Don't worry about it.

    On a side note- you can get cheaper and more potent b vitamin supplements.
  7. Berocca pee is soooo funny! Especially if the bloke in the next stall tries to eye-ball your winkie. One chap had a sidelong glance, did a double take and left, unable to compete!
  8. No dramas Deputy, I've had a berocca this morning, already smoked half a pack and I'm off to the pub for a 'working lunch' on the company flick. I'll send over some tangerine wee-wee as soon as I can. Although I am pretty dehydrated so I won't even need to bottle it; the stuff will stick to the back of a postcard
  9. Berocca Pee update. Apparently 4 pints of Wife Beater at lunchtime dilutes it down nicely. Cheers for your help chaps.

    Try the link - but not with a full bladder. Apparently the B2 Vitimin (Riboflavin) is the culprit. As it now the asparagus season, try taking them both together. That REALLY will startle the chap in the next pisser to you!