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Bernard McGinn dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gary Cooper, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. Point taken so you weren’t in Uncle Darby Rangers so you did arrive too late for that argument
    There were some good guys in that regiment, as I don’t need social standing on this forum your words says it all pal....

    Yes I was there in the 70's & 80's cleaning up your 'shite' and if my mates and I were numpties for treating people like 'shite' did it give the bogtrotters the right to sent them home in body-bags...?

    I'm not the ****ing idiot (IDJET) you are my friend perhaps if you knew McGinn and the rest of the murdering scum that you call your countrymen you attitude would be different towards soldiers who served in your country... I live in hope you might see the light... but doubt it.
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  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Onhe less filthy Feinian ****er in the world.
  3. He's been dead a month?
  4. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Black Nasty! You are one evil, twisted person.
  5. I’m sure your da is proud of you saying he is / was a bigoted Sergeant Major in the UDR and all (I wonder what Bn. did he serve in perhaps I met him) ... so let me get this right, you chose to serve in a regiment that was not full of bigots or was it your way of staying clear of serving in the province? But you still got hammered for two tours...

    I don’t think I have slated the UDR on the contrary they did serve your country with impunity that was why it was deemed fit to be given CGC... if anyone is slating them it’s you by implying they were given that accolade for being full of bigots, and not for going out in all weathers putting their families at risk by serving in the first place.

    I joined in my regiment in 1970 knowing I would go to Ireland as a close school friend was killed there... this thread is about McGinn, not you or I or what regiment we served with or how many tours we served, we may have a difference of opinion on everything, and you can call your family (da) a bigot if you want I ain’t one, I left a lot of friends above and below the ground in Ireland many served in the UDR, Royal Irish and the RUC.... and this thread between you and I ends now.... No Contact... 'wait out'
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  6. My apologise for getting the date wrong, I did wonder what the smell was coming across the Irish sea...
  7. Will his family keep making those crispy pancakes though?? I cant believe Findus stopped sponsoring them.
  8. No you didn't!

    The first soldiers killed in norn iron was in 1971!

    6 February Robert Curtis became the first British soldier to die in the Troubles when he was shot by the PIRA on New Lodge Road, Belfast.[18]
    9 March Three off-duty Scottish soldiers are killed by the PIRA; 4000 shipyard workers take to the streets to demand internment in response.
    23 March Brian Faulkner became the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.
    25 May The PIRA threw a time bomb into Springfield Road British Army/RUC base in Belfast, killing British Army Sergeant Michael Willetts of 3 Para and wounding seven RUC officers, two British soldiers and eighteen civilians
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  9. Double posting.
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  10. Double posting
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  11. You want this to be about McGinn, but edge in your war stories, what do you know about Bernie then?

    I ve personally been affected by his Barrett, so pleae tell me more.......
  12. that statement is incorrect... the correct statement is

    On 6 February Robert Curtis 32nd Heavy Regiment was the ‘first serving British soldier on duty’ to die in the Troubles when he was shot on New Lodge Road.
    rightwords being ‘first serving British soldier on duty’

    If you want to quote facts quote correct ones, read my post again I said

    " I joined in my regiment in 1970 knowing I would go to Ireland as a close school friend was killed there..."

    1. I didn’t say if he / she were in the Military
    2. If he /she were Military I didn’t say if they were on duty or on leave
    3. Nor did I say where and when I went to school.

    In conclusion you can also look up the following statement of fact “Well over 100 people were killed many of them soldiers in road traffic accidents in Ireland 1970 to 1971" and because the soldiers died in accidents or if they were on leave in the province they do not appear on Roll of Honour for ‘Op Banner’ futhermore any soldier who committed suicide or was killed ‘Blue on Blue’ also never got a mention in the Roll of Honour”

    I will send you the rest by private message as this forum is not the place for it.... this forum is about McGinn
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  13. I signed up to this site in order to make one posting and one alone. Blobmeister is full of rubbish, you were not there you walter mitty legend. It was impossible to leave the shed via a back entrance as it had been nailed firmly shut. Bernard (RIP) was apprehended inside the building not outside. He did not "belong to the army" for the next three days, he was taken from the scene by the police not the military. The police also took him to hospital later that night, further proof that he did not "belong to the army". Yes he took a beating from both the military and the police but as with other volunteers he took it like the man he was. Bernard Mc Ginn was, is and always will be a legend and a true patriot. He was as pure as the driven snow and can now rest in the assurance that his suffering is over. He will never suffer at the hands of the british again. His funeral was a very dignified affair and the large crowd was testament to the level of esteem and affection in which he is and always will be held by communities across the island of Ireland and overseas. You foolish people can post your lies and express your bigoted hatred but the facts will remain, Bernard Mc Ginn was an exceptionally brave patriot who would gladly give his life for his Country and the Irish people. He was a true, unselfish, gentle Irishman who was prepared to stand up to the oppression of the british. His memory and legacy will live on. May he rest in peace. (Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.) Tiocfaidh ar La.
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  14. Tripe just shut up

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  15. he then grassed up 20 of his mates.
    Cheers Opps. :roll: