Bernard Manning is Dead

I lke this bit from his obituary:

"As when, soon after the Falklands war, he told his audience that two soldiers from the conflict were present.

As the jingoistic cheers rang out, Manning embarrassed the audience by adding: "They're Argentinians."
Absolutely NOT PC, usually bludgy funny, personally enjoyed his humour immensely. Chances of repeats are virtually nil, of course!

RIP, Mr Manning, unless of course your "infamous" mother-in-law greets you at the Pearly Gates. :wink:
"the_matelot" said:
Good riddance to him as far as I'm concerned. Nothing but a racist tw@t.
Bushnut said:
Fat racist w*nker. Feel sorry for his local pie shop. Profits will hit an all time low.
Some respect for the dead, cnuts, even if you don't approve of him.
Shutting up would have been a better option.