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Bernard Jenkins - Right or Wrong?

Could we have the instructions please Andy? I mean, you've done such a good job with your members  ;D
Mr Gilchrist, surprised you managed to pull yourself away from the pie stand for long enough to make your colourful outburst.

Is that it or can we look forward to more input from the fat fingers gang at a later date


Mein Führer, Brothers & Sisters (and MDN),

The union will persist in all it's worth to endeavour to push the limits of the Government, and pursue it's cause of a 40% pay rise.  Er, yes, er, MMmmmmm, pies.

As for the matter of instructions for getting stuffed.  We will incite lighting strikes if the Armed Forces attempt to get stuffed whilst Firemen are left on £18,000 basic pay.  

And pies, I love em !!


"The lads from Colchester Fire Station (BJ is mp 4 Colchester) had the perfect riposte this for Tory Twit. When asked for their views on his remarks they just referred back to a couple of occasions in the not too dim and distant past, March last year when he called in at the station reference the pay dispute and was astounded at how little they earnt.
Prior to this the lads had also had a good stop when Colch. Con Club caught fire,BJ went round to personally thank them for a job well done.
This was broacast on 5 live and showed our lads to be the level headed individuals they are and ol' BJ to be a 2 faced lying tory twat! "

Nuff Said

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