Bern and Zurich

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Contrarian, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm at the stage of booking hotels now. Does anybody have experience of either Zurich or Bern (preferably both).

    The trip so far is:

    - Geneva - 2 nights.
    - Either Bern and Zurich for 1 night each, or 2 nights in Zurich or Bern.
    - Saltzburg - 2 nights.
    - Munich - 2 nights.
    - Berlin - 2 nights.

    Which choice, between Zurich and Bern, would you make, or would you choose both? I've heard that Zurich is a bit clinical.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Unless you are money laundering I would suggest missing them both in favour of Luzern....
    Salzburg is great this time of year - good deals too as every other tourist is skiing!
  3. Luzern does sound nice. Will liaise with travelling partner with that info in mind. Cheers for that.
  4. Zurich. I used to regularly stay at the

    Hotel Limmathof
    Limmatquai 142
    Zurich CH-8023

    It is walking distance from the main train station -out of main entrance turn left and over the bridge.

    You can see the hotel from the station as it has a large advert for Campari on its roof. It is in the more boheimian (sp?) / student part of town with lots of bars and clubs a short walk away.

    If you go out of the back door there was an pub (the Bonnie Prince Charlie??) which served a good pint of Guinness.
  5. I've only visited Zurich for a couple of hours and never left the airport. Maybe one day in Luzern and one In Zurich would be good. Cheers for the hotel recommendation, TM.
  6. I live in Bern, and I'd recommend going to Luzern instead.

    Bern is a very nice little town, but honestly there isn't a lot to see.

    Luzern is much more scenic, with a lot more to do.

  7. Lived in Bern for 8 years in the 90s and Zurich for 2. Go to Luzern.
  8. Or Interlaken, I like it there, Luzern is very nice as well.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Either way, it was 5 months ago and chances are he has already been.....
  10. Interlaken and Thun are nice.St Gallen is also supposed to be nice. Zug, Schwyz and Luzern areas good for walking with nice towns. Nightlife was always better in the French parts . Montreux is supposed to be a good night out.
  11. Lived in Luzern and absolutely loved it.
    Good restaurant on Muesegg Strasse, Frau Lesters if it's still there. Dining by the lake is also a very nice way to spend an afternoon.
    Zurich more hustle and bustle.


    edited, know it was feb when asked but info still good
  12. Fribourg is enchanting too.


    PS. Mai, daas han i abba nödd g'wisst g'ha, dass es so vuuli vo' eus hett, wo inne Schwiiz g'läbt g'ha henn. Choscht mol sähe, oder?