I wouldn't want to imagine Broon doing that. My eyes...
Dennis48 said:
Dunno if this has been posted before. Can you imagine Broon doing this
Considering the, relative, consistency of Septic culture across a vast country, it's always very sobering to see the spectacular differences within the confines of what makes up Europe.

Having been married to a Wop for almost 30 years, I'm very much acquainted with the culture in Italy, and also with its development. The Wops are still totally macho in outlook. They really love talking the talk, but a swift and hard left-hook (in line with the Mick culture) seems to gives them food for thought and prompts them to leave you alone.

That even more corrupt, slimy version of Phony Tony called Berlusconi is only doing what all Wop fellas (would like to) do. That's why he's still, sort of, popular.

Don't sweat it.


PS. Gormless Gordy doing something like that? Perish the fückin' thought!

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