Berlusconi Praises Obama Suntan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Idontgetit, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. This is almost as good as Sarah Palin thinking Africa's a country- and just as disturbing. :D

    I Like Your Tan': PM's Obama Gaffe :SkyNews Sky News

    The Italian Prime Minister has been blasted for his blundering welcome of the US president-elect after he praised Barack Obama's "suntan".

    Silvio Berlusconi made the comment at a joint press conference with Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev.

    "I will try to help relations between Russia and the United States where a new generation has come to power, and I don't see problems for Medvedev to establish good relations with Obama who is handsome, young and suntanned," he said.

    Italy's left-wing opposition parties have demanded Mr Berlusconi apologise for the gaffe - which they say is at worst racist and at best a diplomatic blunder.

    "Berlusconi cannot control himself in the best of circumstances," said Dario Franceschini of Italy's centre-left opposition Democratic Party.

    "He forgets that his words hurt our country's image in the world."

    But the Italian leader, who himself sports a suntan, hit back at his critics - accusing them of not having a sense of humour.

    "God save us from the imbeciles," he said.

    The 72-year-old media mogul is no stranger to putting his foot in it.

    While campaigning for elections in 2006, he famously said that Chinese people "boiled babies for fertiliser" during the Mao Zedong era.

    At his first meeting with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in 2002, Mr Berlusconi said: "Rasmussen is not only a great colleague, he's also the best-looking prime minister in Europe.

    "He's so good looking, I'm even thinking of introducing him to my wife."
  2. Wop tw*t
  3. The man's got no sense of diplomacy or tact! After all, he hosted Bliar et al in his villa in Tuscany.
  4. Is he related to Phil the Greek?
  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Just what I was thinking! Imagine a night on the lash with those two :D
  6. He's nearly as bright as George W., isn't he? :wink:
  7. Or perhaps Belusconni is very subtley suggestion that their differences are only 'skin deep' and shouldn't be focussed upon?
  8. Judging from his past history, I think you are giving him far too much credit.
  9. Surely Barak OBama is a political leader on the world stage? He is the President of, arguably, the most powerful nation on earth. His skin colour is of no more importance than the colour of Gordon Browns eyes (I assume they both match).
  10. Lets hold tight on condemnation.

    Barak has yet to meet our own great Duke of Edinburgh!
  11. So why did so many black people vote for him then?
  12. His colour was of significance to the voters of America as it marked a breakthrough in that country, much the same as Margaret Thatcher becomming PM marked a breakthrough in this country. Post event all that matters is how he is perceived as a president and that has nothing to do with his colour but everything to do with his ability.
  13. Belusconni is a joker but he's no fool. He's always been a big ally/supporter of the US.
  14. So what you are saying is that some people did indeed vote for him on the colour of his skin rather than if he was the best man for the job.