Discussion in 'Travel' started by the_butler, May 5, 2008.

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  1. I am taking my wife to Berlin tomorrow to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
    Last time we were there there was a blooming great wall down the middle and Rudolph Hess was breathing his last suicidal gasps.

    Any tips on where to go bearing in mind my lovely other half will be with me? :wink:
  2. Take her to a weird german techno club in East Berlin- Panorama bar- she'll love it! :)
  3. I can't think of appropriate places (unless you're planning to get her to subsidise the cost of the visit), but you could introduce her to an unusual drink that I've only come across in Berlin - Weissbier with raspberry juice.

    It was the in drink amongst the young (unprofessional, I may add) ladies in 1990 and was described to me as "looks good, tastes good, and by golly, it does you good."

    Or was that Mackeson? :)
  4. Don't go. Took the bluddy wall down and ruined it.
  5. Did they get planning permission? :?
  6. Ah well a shnelly and a guiness in the Irish pub it is then.
  7. Hi Mate, I have been there 4 times in the last 3 years,
    Tips, if you go to Tempelhof airport, then carry all your luggage as it can take 6 hours to unload an aircraft there.
    Try to fly direct, not via Brussels, it takes forever
    Car hire, dont pay with a debit card, any speed tickets will be deducted plus 150 percent surcharge.
    You might be surprised if you travel east on the e24 towards poland, its very friendly but English can a bit rare.
    Without meaning to be racist, be carefull of the Poorer element of the non-German speaking population
    Have a nice time
  8. Thanks Bob
  9. Well that's it I am off. I have maps and useful phrases downloaded to my phone and a list of all the places to eat & drink.
    Thanks for the help.
    Bis Sonntag.
  10. Let us know how it goes. Berlin is a place that I've always fancied taking the missus to, but she isn't interested in warry history or the type of entertainments that I've been subjected to.

    I suppose the Zoo could be good, though.