Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by muzzleflash, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Changed days up on the Berg:



  2. hmm a prick complete with testicles....must have been a darksider paradise
  3. Oh fer fcuk's sake! Here we fukcin' go again!

  4. Nice City, miles (kilometers) from anywhere - much of the fun disappeared with the wall...
  5. Bet you were still in nappies then ED!
  6. Yup

    But from what I hear - there were not many nappied in Mon Cheries - is it still going ???

  7. Ahhh "Grotty Chalotty Mon Cheries SEX EXPLOSION"...never been there :meditate:

  8. The thing that still makes me chuckle about my time in Berlin, is when they demolished Spandau prison and built a big NAAFI supermarket complex on the site - known to all squaddie wives as "Hessco's".
  9. Are you sure that you can remember your time in Berlin Slightly Nasty? From what I recall you were pissed all the time and that carried on to JHQ too! I shall say no more! :censored:
  10. How dare you cast asparagus at my good name.
    That is just not true, and I can prove it.
    In November '92 I had really bad flu, and didn't touch a drop of booze for a whole 2 week period.
  11. I worked at the 'Berg 80-82 and was struck, last time I was in Berlin a couple of years ago, at how it still dominated the skyline. I shall raise a glass to its passing when they finally knock it down.

    Unsuprisingly, the phallic bit was American and the British piece was a couple of anonymous cubes on the side of the complex, plus the giant R&S tower.

    I have vivid memories of breakfast in the Combined Dining Facility at 0300 on mid shifts and some of the amazing filth the US Army and Air Force were prepared to put in their bodies. Good stories, though, they'd only got rid of the draft a few years before and most of the NCOs were Vietnam vets, while drug and race problems were still, allegedly, rife in their barracks.

    Of course, the social side of Berlin.... oh boy.

    If anyone remembers Pancho V, now apillar of respectability in his late fifties, once, immortally, drinking standing up at the bar of a Russian restaurant on the Kantstrasse, he carefully put down his drink and weaved off, covering pretty much every square metre of the restaurant and arrived back at the bar. He obviously was judging his progress by dead reckoning and clearly was now satisfied that he had reached his target, the gents, so produced Percy and peed all over the bar. Ignoring his incredulous audience, he grunted, farted, adjusted his dress and weaved off, retracing his steps until he returned to the bar and took up his pint again.

    "It was at this point, Sir, that the fight broke out".
  12. Charlottenburg at midnight, ahhhhhhh sweet heaven to a young man far from home, loose morals and some change in his pockets!
  13. OK SN! I believe you. All I can say is SOFA! I'm sure you will understand!