Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. The old grey matter not being as good as it used be i need a bit of info.

    I spent a couple of weeks in Berlin in '76 or 7 i seem to remember a street/area that was heavily populated with bars that showed constant porn.

    If I'm not mistaken with my memory, 1. where was it? and 2. do the bars still exist. Or has the placed been "cleaned up" post unification.
  2. Mon Cheries still thrives I believe. Ku'Damn had a lot going for it.
  3. I thought all those bars, (not that I ever frequented them...well not much), were all in the Charlottenburg area.
  4. I believe you are referring to Stutgarter Platz and it certainly was still there a couple of years back, even seedier if that was possible!!
  5. Stutgarter Platz and Mon Cheries plus a fair few others showed lots of dirty things and there were loads of dirty women too. Thankfully, Mon Cheries provided a bath to get clean (before getting home to the missus at daft-o'clock!)
  6. Ah yes, Mon Cherie bath show, dont forget the "Lolita" bar and the "Blue Angel" on the corner, why they called it the Lolita was always a mystery, there were more old munters per square foot in there than in Wales! i suppose calling it The Old Spunksack wouldn't have had the same attraction.

    Away from Grotty Charlotty, does anyone else remember starring in Aida with The Arena De Verona Company at the Deutchlandhalle in 76/77, moral of that story, dont put the last night free beers for 250 soldiers in the changing room until AFTER the performance!!!
  7. Cheers guys it's just that i'm thinking of a long weekend there in mid/late Sept and was thinking of visiting all the old places, (purely nostagia).

    Also must visit the memorial in the "east" that we got a conducted tour to on a Sunday, (uniform must be worn).

    Possibly two of the best weeks out of 18 years service.