Berlin - What was the plan?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bohs_man, May 21, 2010.

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  1. One of the civvies i work with (ex AAC) was talking about his BAOR days and it got me thinking about how isolated Berlin was.Over the years i've heard all sorts,The resident battalion and co would hold a surrender parade if the commies came over,said battalion would hold out for a day or two etc etc.
    Just what was the situation if the worst was to happen and the reds attacked?
    Was the garrison to be wriiten off in case of attack and was it a worrying place to serve during the height of the Cold War?
  2. Not the answer to your question, but I am told there was a contingency plan for an operation to open up the corridor under blockade conditions with limited opposition.
  3. Think the main objective was to get married families out by air.Then stick your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye.
  4. I was always under the impression that if the balloon went up, then Berlin was on it's own, as we would be way too busy trying to survive ourselves!
  5. Absolutely right. There was a plan based on a tri-national BG. Basically, I told the then-wife that if I was called out for real on that, she should discreetly get herself and the very young son and heir in the car and head for the channel. Reckoned she should have had at least 7 days lead on the mass migration of dependants from BAOR: and, by the way, I'll kiss you both goodbye because it looks like a one-way trip - if we get there!!!
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    As I understand it, Berlin's best hope was that the Bundeswehr ignore NATO's GDP plan of defence in depth (because they refused to cede an inch to the commies and refused to fight on their own soil if they could carry the war into the east) and set off for Moscow.
  7. Berlin was to be encircled and by passed. The Russian plan would be to get as far west before reinforcements from England and America could arrive.
  8. Agreed, According to my old man who served in Berlin. There wasn't much chance and that the Ruskies aim was to hit the Atlantic in as shorter timeframe as possible. If I remember Western Europe had about 2 weeks before comming under the Communist Flag and Berlin 24 hrs.. 8O
  9. We were so thinly spread in BAOR that I'm sure the Russian would have got the channel just as fast as they could drive there from a standing start - maybe under 12hrs for some of the recce.
  10. Two good books from the 'Cold War Days' written by General Sir John Hackett explains what would happpen to Berlin. (It may have been by passed).

    The Third World War and The Untold Story.

    I may have been trying to get to Berlin by rail as one of the 'Live Oak probe train drivers'. Part of forcing the corridors in the event of a blockade in the early stages of a break down of normal diplomatic relationship. Passing the signals at Helmstadt at red (SPAD).
  11. When I served in Berlin, BAOR was known as the "Zone"

    The "Zone" would bear the brunt of any 3 Shock Army offensive and we would carry on drinking along the Q'Dam until we were reinforced by by the TA, or fell over, whatever was the quickest.

    Hello Ivan, Fancy a Jägermeister ?

    As it turned out someone, somewhere, got it right.

    Where's my medal?
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  12. Gatow war plan

    It was basically get down the armory, draw weapons, try and defend the airfield for 5 mins (SLRs v T72s) that's it, we had no plan for any time after the first 15 mins because we'd have been dead or captured.

    The Rocks used to talk about re-grouping in forest by the Harvel, and were laughed at every time they mentioned it

    There was a rumor that as soon as it all kicked off the American arty had a fire mission on T-berg, our listening post, to make sure the Sovs didn't get anything - slight problem for us as we'd have been left there to see the shelling close-up
  13. Contact,wait ou............
  14. Wasn't it - Hold for 24hrs so the families could be evacuated and Reforger could kick in or Ivan was expected at Calais in 48hrs.
  15. As an Anti-Tank officer there, for 2 years, 1981-83 (83 being the most dangerous Cold War year since the Cuba missile crisis) I can tell you that we were fully expecting to do an Arnhem bridge job: fight to the last man, or the last round, whichever came sooner.

    We did not expect to win, we certainly did not plan on fighting for a bit, then having a surrender parade.

    Glad it never came to it.

    Did we worry about it?

    Are you f#cking kidding!!

    My CP was gonna be in the cellar of a knocking shop in Charlottenburg - and you know what they say about time spent in reconnaissance :D
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