Berlin Wall Celebrations

Discussion in 'Travel' started by marco_poloroid, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Made a last minute decision to hop over to Berlin for a Cold War tour of the place (ie proper Cold War points of reference such as the Stasi HQ at Lichtenberg, not the tourist trash gimmick that Checkpoint Charlie has become). Perhaps even walk the enclave of Steinstuecken, if it's still possible.

    Anyway, are there any Cold War experts out there that could throw in any other suggestions? I understand Hagen Koch is willing to talk of his experiences. Can anybody confirm this?

    Lastly, does anyone know of any decent(ish) inexpensive accommodation that may be available? I am hoping to go over on 8 Nov for 4 days.

    Sensible suggestions appreciated. Ridiculous ones as well if you must. It is ARRSE after all.
  2. Don't miss the Soviet War Memorial at Treptow Park, or the Glineker Bridge. The old BASC (Berlin Air Safety Centre) is also well worth a visit. There used to be a place on Theodor Heuss Platz called Joes Beer House that was the site where Lord Haw Haw made his broadcasts. The site of the eternal flame (well it was except for a short spell in 1978 (allegedly 2 PARA put it out one night while coming out of the summit house disco (hear say of course)) is also near there. I will think of some more and send you a pm.
  3. Those of in Berlin, across from Hessco's, in November 1989 , saw a little bit of history, pure luck to be in the right place at the right time. Don't know if the Bendlerblock OKW Museum (formerly Bendlerstrasse, Wehrmacht High Command, Berlin) now von Stauffenberg Strasse) and Ploetzensee Museum are still there, but for gruesome history they took some beating. There was even a wreath hanging on the spot where Von Stauffenberg was executed, for his part in the 20 July plot, before 1:00 a.m. 21 July 1944. A makeshift firing squad was assembled in the courtyard of the Bendlerblock, which was lit by the headlights of a truck, supposedly.

    You should get a Pension (cheap Hotel) for around 30 Euros a night or less.

    Berlin Guided Tours

    * edited to amend "Bender Block" to Bendlerblock 8O
  4. And Bernauer Strasse is amazing it is where the wall was put up while the families were at church on the Sunday morning half the street in the East and the other in the West.

  5. The Inter-City Hotel at Ostbahnhof might be worth a look,
    It's actually in the station which makes it very convenient for arrival (on the same line as Schoenefeld if your coming in by easyJet or Ryanair) and Ostbahnhof is good for getting to anywhere else in Berlin.

    Plus they give you a free transport pass for the duration of your stay. And if you can bluff your way as an oldie you get a good rate with huge breakfast inc. (they've never checked my age but my fall-back plan if they ever did is to blame the wife for the error!)

    Inter-City Hotel Ostbahnhof
  6. The Teufelsberg is truly bonkers.

    About 18 months ago I had the fortune of smashing in the back doors of a fine prussian lass on a regular basis, necessitating regular trips to her apartment just off the Ku'damm.

    To add some variety to my day I would pop out for a jog in the Grunewald and ventured to the top of the Teufelsbeg a couple of times to check it out. What a strange place, utterly ransacked these days but with magnificent views over the rest of the city (it is built on a swamp thus is pretty flat). I don't think you are supposed to get too close to the Teufelsberg (there were several signs with 'verboten' printed on them around it), but there is no physical barrier stopping you walking up to the perimeter fence and taking a look through at the smashed 'golf balls' etc. Good place for hill reps too!
  7. All superb - keep 'em coming! checking the recommendations out as we speak. Vielen Dank!!
  8. Keep away from the Bender Block mate 8O
  9. How about the cold war restaurant guide; La Torre III on TH Platz. Romano's in Spandau, the Ganymede (was East Berlin) now there is a story on its own, allegedly owned by the STASI who would eves drop on all the drunken brits. How many of you can remember those wonderful musicians!!! Drinking haunts ... Psssst, the metropole, Joes, the Irish Bar in the Europa Centre and sadly gone now the Hofbrauhaus near the zoo - oh happy days!
  10. Don't forget to visit Grotty Chalotty :D
  11. The former RAF Gatow is open as an aviation museum these days - I went a few years back to be honest I didn't think it was up to much but its there if you're interested. There's also a Cold War museum (can't remember what it's called somewhere in the former US Sector. That is worth a visit - there's some old RAF transport aircraft and a carriage from the French Military Train parked outside it. Inside there are various displays which from memory cover the US tunnel under the wall that tapped into the Soviet telephone exchange, some footage from the Allied Military Mission tours (BRIXMIS, USMLM and the French equivalent) here's the linky.