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Are there any former players amongst the arrse fraternity.I played 1990-92.Other players names are hard to recall now but if any ex players post i may recognise them.All i can remember for now is Batman(ex RWF?) not playing but supporting.All you could here was him shouting "LOOK WHERE WE ARE STADIUM"
oh and Cherry/Sherry the unofficial club physio.Look forward to catching up in any ex players on here.


Yes I was there in 88-89. There was BamBam (RMP), SL Welsh chap (ex Para then a civilian diplomat), Jeremy something (his father was high up the ambassadorial echelons) and he was a very good fly-half, A youngish Captain from the RCT who was until recently a Brigadier living in Wales and quite high up the pecking order as regards Army Rugby and other names that escape me.
I seem to recall a youngish RCT captain playing when i started,Rob something springs to mind,drove an MR2(hairdressers car) although he might have scrum half,there were also aq couple of RMP playing,cant remember any names.I once stumbled upon a facebook site for the club but im buggered if i can remember exactly what i typed to get it.And yes i now remember SL now you come to mention it.Im not sure if JC the second row was there with you,ex Sapper.


The Captain Rick had a very gay looking tache. The welsh wizard Selwyn was a big ******. There were a few Int Corps guys as well. One called Simon who had blond hair and was inside centre. Also a small Capt from the Sigs called Mac who was a scrum half, and an RMP Cpl who was quite nippy on the wing. There was also a coloured chap Elroy who went like shit off a shovel. I was a padbrat and played wing and hooker. I had 3 games in the 1stXV then settled down to an easier life in the 2nd XV.
I played one game for them in 1982 against my own battalion side. They were short a player so I helped out. Don't remember anyone else though.

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