Berlin relives assassination of top Nazi in Prague

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jonwilly, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Good for them, good riddance to genuine scum - the extermination of Jews in the four main gassing sites in Poland was codenamed Operation REINHARD in memory of the man whose scheme it was. I think I'll have a pint to piss on his ghost as it were tonight
  2. And to add, the assasins were trained by Special Operations Executive and parachuted in from Britain. Perhaps it was fitting that Heydrich took a slow few days to die, caused by an infection from the horsehair stuffing from his car's upholstery I believe.

    This was an interesting point at the end of the article:
    I guess from the same release of documents where Churchill said he wanted Hitler to fry in the Electric Chair without trial, if captured alive.
  3. Actually he died because of the Bio Toxins we put in the Grenade...
  4. S/Ldr Roger Bushell ( BIG X in the great Escape ) was hiding out in the city after his escape during Reinhard .Because of the extra security looking for the assasins, he was caught and eventually executed by the Gestapo.
  5. Interesting stuff pops up when you scratch the surface, the sort that they would rather you forgot. The Op Antropoid boys are pretty much national heros in Slovakia today, but during WWII the slovak government paid the Germans 500Marks per individual to take their Jews away after the Germans said they would only accept able-bodied Jews for work in labour camps. Three guesses what happened to the non-able.

    Quite a few references about: 1, 2, 3.
  6. Allegedly - personally I'm unconvinced by Paul Fildes' claim. Surely it would of been more logical and practical if using a bio-toxin to administer it covertly and thus avoid the reprisals?
  7. The events were about two years apart, the Great Escape took place during March 1944. And Sagan is nowhere near Prague.
  8. I always considered "SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Reinhard Heydrich" to be the Evil Brain of the SS.
    A very inteligent and ruthless man from what I have read.
    I will suggest tha 'Brit Inteligence' took the same view.
    He is the only person of an assasination I can recall from WW II, altho the raid on Rommels Desert HQ was suggested to be of the same nature.
    Something of an insult to a oustanding German General who is now 'given' as a role model to modern German troops.
  9. He certainly personified Nazism; blonde haired, blue eyed, architect of the Holocaust and one evil son of a biatch.

    There was also Operation Foxley, an SOE plan to assassinate Hitler by sniper in 1944 but it was shelved. The head of SOE German Section, Lt. Col. Ronald Thornley, was of the opinion that it could result in Hitler becoming a martyr.
  10. The grenade was backup, he was supposed to be killed by a Sten but it jammed...
  11. The Sten, nows there's one for History & Militare.
    Back in about 71/72 we went to Cyprus on ex. We had a weekend free and a trip laid on to Kyrenia with its harbour. We where told not to go down the docks and look at The Greek 'Gunboat' illegally visiting.
    So naturally off we march three of us old drinking buddies to go see the 'Battleship'. We marched arm around shoulder and bellys well topped up on local brew and there lo and behold was the Pride of the Greek Navy. We had but got in viewing range when a Greek Mataleo steps out raises and COCKs his Sten, pointing it directly at us. No one said a word but three brit squaddies did an about turn that a Guards RSM would have proud of and departed up the road we had come at a hight rate of knots.
  12. Jonw
    Wonder if your brave and warry Greek was still there when the Turks came a calling? Bet he outdid your about-turn performance.
  13. According to Nigel West, who quotes the head of Czech Military Intelligence at the time (Col. Frantisek Moravic) in Secret War, the plan was Czech in origin and SOE (and through them the RAF) provided invaluable support, but it was not a British idea.
  14. Well I don't know if he frighten them but beleive me He certainly frightened me.
    Pologies ta Old Nosey