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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by GG400, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get any of the Berlin Patches?
  2. A shop in Berlin?
  3. l should have expected that reply. :D
  4. Good evening, again, GG400.
    Don't worry, I'm not stalking you; I just don't seem to have moved far from the screen today.

    Being a thick civvie, I don't know what they are, but there are Berlin Patches listed on eBay, but not like the one you have pictured:

    I don't know if your "sprog" post was deliberately in the "Juniors" forum, but this shouldn't be in "Current Affairs", which is for serious analysis.

    You may wish to post in the Militaria forum .... here:

    or QMs and MT ... here:

    Or the forum moderator might move the thread for you.
  5. Hi again bovvy, no probs about the stalking. :D
    The patch is the berlin brigade badge as worn us service personnel while serving in Berln, we used to call it the flying ar****le. :D
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. :oops:
  6. There's one sitting on eBay right now the item number is 250289556103...unissued condition, also 290258307804 wich appears to be a bit tattier..hope this helps!

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  7. Don't worry about it. Most of us are sorry that we posted in the FIRST place, never mind the WRONG place.
  8. Thanks a lot, I will watch them both. :D
    I have been looking on ebay for ages but there was never any for sale. :(
  9. You can borrow mine when I log off! However, I shall be needing it back for when I log on again!

  10. Ha! Ha!, but I cant sew your one on to anything. :D
  11. Take it you did the tour in the 90's, if so did you know a Kingo called Pat K*****?.....if so I work with him
  12. Used to have vehicle transfer on old suitcase,unfortunately cannot find suitcase now!We were there for 1 month in '65,relieving QOH,at Spandau ,great month that was.Good luck.
  13. Sorry, I am a coffin dodger I did my time in the 60's. :D
  14. We were in Abercorn, Ballykinlar then.