Berlin Infantry Brigade

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Efargee20, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have any photos or information on the Berlin Infantry Brigade? I served there in the LAD REME 14/20H Berlin Armoured Sqn 1985 to 89. I have just been back to Berlin for a 5 day trip. I took many photos of Smuts Barracks and the Prison area (now a shoping mall). Also went over the east, Olyimpic Stadium, Maifeld and downtown etc etc. Anyone with any pics, links and stories and would like to share them give me a shout. I have many great memories of the Queens Birthday Parade anf the Allied Forces Day parades etc etc. New to the site so pls accept apologies if there is already a thread. Also interested in Barker Barracks Paderborn (3RTR and 5 INNIS DG) and Hobart Barracks (4AW, FRG 11 and 20).
    Ive spent the last few days on here and nearly pi*sed myself laughing at some of the stories. Great site. Thought it was all over till I found ARRSE.

  2. Efargee, I served up the road from you with 7 Flt AAC around the same time. I got dicked for a weeks 'exhange posting' exercise with 14/20 in the Autumn of 1987 as signaller in one of the chieftains and had an excellent time. The ex took place mainly in Doughboy City but we patrolled along the main routes between Smuts, the Grunwald and the American sector but the fact we drove along the streets of the local population in FIBUA marked tanks made it an even better exercise. I have photo's of some of the lads of 14/20 and of the exercise, including a couple of SOXMIS staff finding us in the Grunwald and going loopy with cameras! PM me with your email and I’ll send you some.

    Hobart Barracks, Detmold:

    Enjoy! (Thanks again to Stained and Pongo!).
  3. I had my first posting to Berlin in 1990, and spent just under 6 months in the city, Amazing times.
  4. Gunny, New to this site. Have I managed to PM you? if not can you PM me and Ill reply to you. Thanks.
  5. Tango, do you have any photos of your time there?
  6. I was there with 1 R HAMPS from late 83 to 14 Feb 86. A busy tour, but what a place to be!!

    We took over from 1 R IRISH on a direct swop with them for Dover lololololololol, were they in for a shock, from the land of plenty to the second lowest priority battalion location in the entire army.

    In the mor pl we were handing over kit to them that they had cast fro Berlin, still with their unit name stamped on it.
  7. I was at Brook with 1PWO the same thime as you. What a fansastic place for a redarse.

    Nicked these from a mate.

    Brooke Barracks - Berlin 1984 (Looking from the corner bar)


    Spandau Prison from BrookBarracks (from my room)


    check point charile

  8. Thanks for the pics Ripper. I was in Spandau last week, its all changed. Brooke/Wavel is in some mess all vandalised. Shame to see it like it is. I walked acros the square just to make me feel good and get it right uyp the RSM :)
  9. Good to see the pics.
  10. Block on the left, top floor, first attic window from the right, my room for two months November to December 1988 whilst attending a KOSB JNCO cadre!!

    Brooke Wavell Barracks had 1 KOSB one side, 1 Kings the other. Was treated one day to the sight of a Kingo on the cookhouse roof, throwing slates at the CO, RSM and all the RP staff who were ordering him to come down! CO spoke to him with kind words and a 'promise nothing would happen to him' once down. I giggled as he climbed down and the RP staff set upon him and he was dragged off kicking and screaming to the guardroom!

  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Had the pleasure of a drinking apprentiship in Berlin 83-86 at the BMH. All the QA's were officers as the QA OR's couldnt behave themselves- alledgedly!

    Battalions serving if the memory serves:

    1 RHamps
    1 BW
    3 RRF
    1 RHF (?)

    Great times.
  12. We did a "swop" with 1RHF, early 87.We were at Montgomery Bks. Other inf units during my time were 1KOSB AND 1Gloucesters.

    Great times indeed. :wink: :wink:
  13. 1PWO at Brook from 83-85
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Had great memories of when the BMH beat 1 RHamps football team 6-5 in a 'thriller' at Brooke Bks. (Might have been their Mortars!)

    I now recall the KOSbies and PWO.
  15. BMH Berlin in Dickensweg its now a civvy hospital Called Paulinien Krankenhaus. I wandered in and went up to some wards (no challenge) and back out. Took some pics and went on my way back up to the Stadium.