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Berlin Infantry Brigade country club and casino?!

I have several times parachuted into the Olympic stadium (totally missed it too, on one legendary practice jump), and into the Maifeld; attended a daytime Queen gig at the Waldbuhne; repeatedly got well-and-truly shoiters on cheap cocktails, or lost money at the occasional casino evening at the Officer's club (the cocktails and the losing of money may well be connected), and; used the pool there (on one occasion discovering that as long as there was a lissome teenage brunette Olympic hopeful swimming length after length therein, I could survive without air like a veritable Aquaman).

Now, what was the question?
Edinburgh House?
Was where I sired my #1 son in the winter of 1992 :thumleft:

Cheap champagne cocktails may have been involved (memory's a little hazy, somehow), but to answer what I think is your actual Q, the other fancy stuff was in the Officers Club which was next door.
Article in the Grunidad about the Berlin Olympic Stadium and the possibility of a rebuild. Obviously the woke Berliners want to get rid of all the Nazi statues (the swastikas went 75 years ago!)

However the quote that got me was this:

The British military administration that controlled it from 1945 to 1994 merely reduced in height Hitler’s honorary stand, removed swastikas and repurposed some of the facilities as a country club with a family lido and a casino. The 120,000 sq m Maifeld grounds were used for polo tournaments and parades in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.
my bold.

I lived in Brigade HQ for 5 years (85-90) and I can only remember the Sgt's and Officers messes, the sadle club and the families pool plus several sports fields and the Somerset Arms restaurant.
Did I miss out on debauched nights at the Lido, was membership to the country club reserved for VSO's and why wasn't I allowed to win a fortune at the Brigade casino?
If anyone from the Guardian is reading this, please help!

Ditto: 89 - 92.

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