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Bit of a serious question for once

A friends 14 year old daughter is shortly going on an organised School Trip to Berlin next month and has asked if anyone knows any interesting places she could visit during her four or five day stay.

She already has Checkpoint Charlie on her itinerary, but I'm not too sure if its the original as I believe Alexanderplatz has now been turned into a new modern Railway Terminus. I've started her off with the Kudamm for the shopping interest but the only other places we visited were late at night in Grotty Charlotty (Stuttieplatz-the Elefant Bar etc) and I'm not too sure that would be suitable for a young lass.

Also not too sure if the Soviet War Memorial is still a Visitor Attraction (or the MfS Guard Regiment Felix Dzerzhinsky Barracks).

Your (Serious) suggestions gratefully accepted.
Pfaueninsel, Charlottenburg Schloss, Mariendorf horse-racing track, Tempelhof airport with the monument to the Berlin Air Bridge in front of it (try to get a guided tour around the extensive lower levels as well), Fehrbelliner Platz, Grünewald, Lübars to the north of Tegel, Brandenburg Gate (of course). That's just for starters. If you need more, let me know.

Excellent start MsG

I'm almost underwhelmed by the response in only a few minutes !
Sov war memorial stool available as is the cemetery at Treptow Park (quite sobering). Holocaust memorial near the Brandenburg Gate of course

Olympic Stadium is quite impressive, and there could be a concert on - we went to see Genesis there a few years ago.

Plus all of the previously mentioned.


Charlie (the real one) has long gone and has been replaced by a replica of the original 'shed'. The Charlie Museum is worth a punt, but tends to be busy. Tell her to avoid spending too much money on the tat they sell, in particularly the lumps of 'Berlin Wall' which are nothing of the sort. Don't pay to have her photo taken with any of the clowns outside who are dressed up in military uniforms. I don't know if Luebars is still what it used to be. It was a small village at the top end of what was the French sector, bit of an oddity during the cold war as they employed animals as opposed to tractors (bit Amish like) and were on our side of the wall. The Zoo was good for kids. The Bazaar farther down from the Kudamm on Bulow Strasse (below the S Bahn lines) was worth a look a long time back, but no doubt just sells tat as well. Don't forget the Olympic Stadium and the Glockenturm at the Maifeld. There's a U Bahn station practically on the doorstep. There's the Citadel up at the back of Spandau.

Tell her to get a U Bahn map as most of the tourist things are indicated and nearly all are close to a U Bahn station. Also, as far as public transport is concerned, it used to be the case where as long as you were travelling in one direction, you could use your ticket for both bus and U Bahn. Not sure what the score is now, but there's bound to be a 'Tageskarte' type thing for tourists. There's an Allied museum down at what was Andrews Barracks in the old American Sector.

Here's something from the net..

10 of the best museums in Berlin | Travel |

Oh, and stay away from Kreuzberg. That's the Turkish enclave next to where Checkpoint Charlie is. Don't venture any farther than the Museum and the immediate shops. They used to be a bit anti in there and are quite happy to mug a tourist. Goes without saying, large touristy city, keep all valuables out of sight.


There is a quality little museum dedicated to the escape attempts, and how they managed (or failed) to get over/under/through the wall from East to West.

It's not far from where Checkpoint Charlie was.
There is a quality little museum dedicated to the escape attempts, and how they managed (or failed) to get over/under/through the wall from East to West.

It's not far from where Checkpoint Charlie was.
If I recall from days of yore, it was immediately behind the viewing stand on the Western Side of the Wall


14 you say? Does she pass for 16? If so she will be able to buy lots of booze and get cunted for 5 days.
The Topography of Terror Documentation centre - a short walk from the site of Check Point Charlie is on the site of the Reichs Security Ministry and SS HQ. In German and English it graphcally demonstrates the rise of fascism. It's also free.

The Allied Museum , on the site of the US Army Cinema and Library in ClayAllee is particularly good - and free. It charts the Allied occupation, the Berlin Airlift, the building of the wall and the tough days of the Cold War - with a special section on espionage - including video footage of BRIXMIS teams being hassled by East Germans. Immeasurably better than the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and none of the crowds. It is also home to the last Checkpoint Charlie building.

As a family we visited both last November - and found them, ahem, enjoyable. Don't waste money visiting the Jewish Museum - its architecture is pretentious beyond all belief and as a museum it is not particularly informative (it covers Jewish history across Europe from the 12th century).


Probably the best person to speak to on matters 'Berlin and surrounding areas' will be Brotherton Lad (ex SOXMIS).
Was in Berlin only 6 weeks ago, get the u-bahn to Alexanderplatz & visit the TV tower. It gets busy & you are given a time when to return after buying your ticket.Trip to the top is via the very fast lift (302 metres...ish)
Once your up there, you can spend as long as you want admireing the views

As I was a bit of a saddo, I dragged the mrs to the DDR museum next to the river by the Aquadome. All things east german, I found it very interesting....cannot vouch for the other half!!!!

Kruizberg area is still a very dodgy place (as it always was), get off at the Kochstrasse for checkpoint charlie, dont go any further south


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I can't remember where it is, but there's one of the Nuclear Bomb shelters that was (in peacetime) a car park. A guide took us round it and showed us everything from the mechanics of the air filtration to the living accommodation which was set up ready for occupation. Quite sobering.
Probably the best person to speak to on matters 'Berlin and surrounding areas' will be Brotherton Lad (ex SOXMIS).
I always thought there was something funny about him! :omg:

Don't forget a boat trip on the Havel,also the Waldbuhne just by the Glockenturm,if you pop over into Potsdam,you have all the 'Fredrick the Great' stuff,Sansoucci,The Neu Palais,the Orangerie,his Stables,and on the way you go over 'The Bridge',but don't trust that Brotherton Lad chap,he used to be a spy!:rambo:
Ploetzensee (where the Nazis strung up some of the 20 July plotters) is quite chilling, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is worth a look, the bit the RAF missed, and 1/7 Scottweg - because I usd to live there!

There is a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery on the Heerstrasse (in the general vicinity of the BMH/Scottweg/Dickensweg) where you can see whole RAF crews buried side by side.

I was going to mention Grotty Charlotty as well, but was beaten to it!
There is a selection of young Turks dressed in a bizarre assortment of army surplus gear at Checkpoint Charlie. They get a bit stroppy if you take photographs (not of them, they're an irrelevant distraction) and don't slip them a tip. They get even more upset when you tell them to fuck off.

Get a travel card covering the period that you are there. Well worth it... but remember to swipe it at the start of your first trip otherwise you will be treated as if you had jumped the barrier..

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