BERLIN for 01 Day

Discussion in 'Travel' started by B42T, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'll be in East Germany, yes that forbidden place for most of us ex BAOR has beens :) , next month for business.

    However I will have 01 day free to trot round and thought I would go into Berlin.

    Anyone any ideas as to what I can see/do in this short time frame.

    And no I won't be able to go on piss for 12hrs whoring :(

    Many thanks for any serious answers

  2. Well back in the day there was a great one day tour that left 0900hrs from the Naafi in Alex run by BMW's it took in Treptow, Unter den Linden, and all the good bits of the East. However the last tour they did was 20 years ago.
    Berlin is easy to get around and see loads in a day. Start at the Reichstag (U Bahn Unter den Linden), walk through the Brandenburger Tor via the russian war memorial (glance over your shoulder to see the victory column from the Franco Prussian war), and head off for a Lindenbummel passing through the wierd memorial garden. You pass Humboldt Uni, the former Volkskammer (or remains of it) the statue of Freddy the Great, the Dom, Neuer Wache where they used to goose step up and down for Erich, and end up in Alexanderplatz. You'll also pass the Pergamon, the German history museum and if you've got time or interest stick your head in. Get a U Bahn to Ostbahnhof, have a look at the East side Gallery for nostalgia's sake - it's recently been given a lick of paint and will never look as good again.
    Fat Tires bike tours do a pretty good cycling tour that does just about that too, with good if not somewhat Americanised commentary.
    Military / War stuff - Ploetzensee, Treptow park, Sachsenhausen, nothing now really to be seen in Spandau of the great UK presence. In the West, well there's Mon Cheri's... OK maybe not. Kudamm, and that's about it. The East has most of the interesting stuff.
  3. Nornironman's plan isn't at all bad - until recently I was stationed there myself - so I know that there's so much to see and do that you can't really do it justice in a single day. If you go with his plan, don't forget to visit the Reichstag while you're at the Brandenburg Gate and, if you're an early riser, going up into the dome (it's free but the queues can be quite long!) is well worth the effort.

    As a possible addition/alternative, I would head off "left" to Potsdamer Platz, a complete wasteland until Reunification and now a great testament to modern architecture, especially the Sony Centre. A mere stonesthrow from there (actually a short walk) is the whole Checkpoint Charlie thing. To get there from Potsdamer Platz follow the bricks inset into the pavement that mark the line of the old wall and you walk past a faierly new museum Topographie des Terrors -*Topography of Terror - it's alongside one of the very few stretches of original wall in its original place and contains some fascinating insights into life in the East under the StaSi. Almost oposite that is a tethered helium baloon "Die Welt" (allegedy Europe's lagest) which give fantastic views over the city on a clear day. Its only a few minutes from there to Checkpoint Charile itslf. Frankly, its a bit cheesy but the museum probably classes as one of those "things you ought to do if you're in Berlin" - mind you the information boards in the asjacent street are well worth a read.

    From there it's another short walk to the Gendarmenmarkt - for my money the most beautiful of Berlin's many squares and a fine place to round off your day in Berlin with an open air meal and a beer before heading onwards.

    Feel free to pm if you want any more ideas/information - but enjoy "die Hauptstadt"
  4. If you are in what was east Berlin their is the Stasi Complex which is open to the public and shows the cells and how they got the people of the street and their forms of interrigation. It is located by the Schone Hochhausen area well worth the visit for a old cold war vet as it was definately not the place where we would have wanted to end up. The hotel next to it was used for all the East German Olympians.
  5. The memorial Blowfish is on about is Hohenschonhausen (Stiftung Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen) and I agree it's well worth a visit - fascinating and very moving, particualrly as many of the guides have personal experience of being "guests" there. The slight problem for you is that visitors aren't allowed to roam free and must go in a guided tour -there's only one tour a day in English (making the groundless assumption that you aren't a fluent German speaker - apologies if I am wrong but a knowledge of "squaddie German" will not allow you to get the real feel of the place). Combine that with the fact that its deep in the old east almost and it's your whole afternoon written off - so I'd most certainly recommend it to those in Berlin for a slightly longer time but, depending on where your interests lie, it may not be the best use of your very limited time....

    Viel Spaβ beim Besuch!
  6. Go to Hackerschermarkt at around 10am and go on one of the walking tours. They cost about 6-10 bucks, take in all the sites, give decent history lessons and usually have a few young nubiles in tow (and some codgers too to be honest). Then lunch back in the square where you started and off to the museum of your choice in that area (the east german one is quite good) that then leaves you enough time for a boat trip along the river and a nice meal in one of Berlins' very many good restaurants.
  7. Nip along to Charlottenburg and see if 4/16A Dickensweg is still there. That's where we lived for three years....

    Coffee and cakes [Herrentort] in Kempinski's or Kranzler's on Ku-damm is also good.

  8. 8 posts and no mention of Mon Cherie's? Did Tony Booth start the trend for naming offspring after the place of conception?
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  9. I have more self respect than to not doff my hat to Charlottenburg's finest establishment. More squaddies saw the inside of it that did the Egyptian museum.

    Anyhow for that sort of thing I hear.. well so they say that Oranienburger Strasse is a little racier.
  10. A colleague on a stag tour last year went to Berlin from Colditz.

    He told of a tour where the guide was in the lead car of a column of Trabants, linked up via radio so they could give you the tour info while you got the pleasure of motoring round in the worst car ever invented (apart from the Ford Edsel)
  11. That sounds like fun. It'll keep you fit as well.

    It'd be better if the lead car was a T-62 and the Trabants were linked by tow ropes, though.
  12. I think Whiffler is referring to the Trabant Safari. Cost approx €80 for up to 4 people. Google it and you will find the details.
  13. Do you get to keep the Trabant?
  14. For €80 you would think so.