berlin bear

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sapper063, May 2, 2009.

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  1. berlin bear flash we wore this when posted to berlin anyone let me have one please
  2. sure trade you one for a comma m8 welcome
  3. whats one of those
  4. The British Berlin Brigade formation flash was the old 'Flaming Ar***ole' - least it was when I was there. The 'Bear' was on the side of the city buses.
  5. we definatley had a red bear flash on our uniform i was in the royal engineers at smuts bks
  6. Have tried to attach a photo but for some reason it will not go. The photo is of a black bear within a red circle and was on the cover of the Berlin Buletin. This is the only place I have seen a bear on anything from Berlin Brigade. There was a red flash, a red circle with Berlin at the top of the circle on the outer rim if I remember rightly.

  7. Well done PM, was just about to post that one, ta :)


    The one below is on the front cover of the Berlin Bulletin

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  8. i know that one there was also a berlin bear
  9. No Bear sapper - just the 'Flaming Ar**hole' depicted by para_medic. Too many Schultheiss mucker!
  10. no mate i can honestly say im right its the one thing i do remember because
    when i got posted back to england an officer told me to remove it, but the RSM says no he has served in berlin and he can still wear it. when i find one ill let you know.
  11. Sapper, take a look back up the page, I have placed a photo of a bear there, is that it?

  12. Para_Medic, I mentioned the Berlin Bulletin earlier but decided not to go down that road, since you done it I may as well say that if anyone wants a copy from the time of the fall of the Wall I can let them have it in pdf format, problem is it comes to 83Mb, probably too large.

  13. Jim,
    just trying to get at least some mileage out of the badge issue :lol:
    There is also a page on British insignia on that site:
    Rats, still no bear