Berlin Barracks

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hitch, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I suddenly find myself in Berlin for almost 2 weeks and want to pay a visit to the ex-BAOR barracks here. Can anyone give me some streetnames or directions so I can find them as I was never stationed there!


    Directions for the legendary Mon Cheries not necessary...
  2. Most were in Spandau. Between Schmidt-Knobelsdorf Strasse and Seecktstrasse was Brooke/Wavell Barracks. Off Wilhelmsstrasse was the old Spandau Nick come NAAFI and ? Barracks. Other sights of interest was the HQ Berlin Infantry Brigade at the Olympic Stadium. Montgomery Barracks was out towards Gatow.

    Cannot remember anything else. It was 16 years ago and I was very very drunk :)
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The old BMH is on Dickensweg- off the Heerstrasse near to the Olympic Stadium
  4. Not Berlin, bujt is BMH Munster still there? Probably not.
  5. ?=Smuts Barracks.............?

    Was there in ´75 for an incredible month of boozing and boozing!
  6. No. Only two barracks left in Munster; York and Oxford.

  7. Cool website...I was at Montgomery Bks late 80s...great place,one of the local pubs in Kladow was run by an ex RRW bandsman and his German Frau,many a sore head from the Shulthiess :D
  8. Smuts Barracks is correct. The Berlin Armoured ( Tank) Squadron was based there.
  9. BROOKE BARRACKS....79--81

    windeck bar
    das traube

    to name three that i can remember..

    OR the b5 bar at the top end of the quarters..

    and if you were clean livin..

    YOU HAD THE TOC H (the church rmy club)
  11. If you get chance can you have a look at the bottom of the bathtub, I think I lost my watch there in 1989. If its not there then some young lady still has it inserted about her person. :oops:
  12. On BMH Munster - It's still standing alright, but not as a British Military Hospital. I believe it's a dermatology now.

    Go on to see it in all its glory.

  13. I preferred the Elephant bar (full Two's in the stage bath, RMP's came a visiting, bastards saw my beret floating between the girls legs).

    Ah, good days :)
  14. Just returned from 2 weeks in Berlin,we stayed on a campsite in our motorhome,campsite was located near The Havel towards Kladow,I was stationed in Brooke barracks from early 89 til late 90,great place,we had a wander around the camp,i think its some kind of enterprise centre now,there were cars getting repaired in the sheds,and there were people living in the blocks on the right as you go in the gates,it looked a bit scruffy but it was all there,we also had a walk around the camp,we used to drink in The Bullseye,i think it was called that,i think its a cafe now,we did have a drink outside a pub that i think was The Rainbow bar,it was a long time ago ha ha,i took some pics i,ll upload them when i work it out Foz 1L1