Berlin 88-92 (the girls n the turks)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sinikal, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody remember the turkish guy with the scar down the right side of his face that was always fighting with the brits? He was always around the Ku damn

    Mon Cheri's anybody?

    Whats about the girls, there were some fine berliner girls that loved the brits, as well as some yank ladies that loved to hang out.

    Name and shame people!!!
  2. Was in Berlin 85-87 but don't remember the guy, am surprised he survived the Brits. If I knew about him I'd have put him out of his misery. As for Berlin, what a brilliant place - loved it.

    BT. :thumright:
  3. Why? Do you get off on that sort of thing or are you still having difficulty believing your wife?
  4. I though the WMF was Bliar's.
  5. Remember quite a few Turks who tried it on, none with a scar though. They didn't meet with much success unless they had 3:1 superiority, though.

    Berlin was my personal favourite overseas holiday. Ahhh, Grotty Charlotty - Mon Cheri's and the Starlight Bar, just so long as you felt the 'birds' up for operation scars beforehand.
  6. Was in CivDiv and left in Jan 89.
    BTM those are all poofter hang outs...Sound or any of the underground Punk dives in Kruezberg. I do remember Achmed a smelly Paki that sold shyte hash in the Kurfuerstendamm U-Bahn station. No scar but smelt of sweat and p!ss.
  7. Lived in Theodor Heuss Platz opposite the Jerboa Cinema. My father was stationed in Berlin and I joined up there (attested in Brum). Remember Berlin with great affection even if I was snot nosed 17 year old. I usd to work on the YTS in Bde HQ and played rugby at the Stadium.
  8. ctauch, sexual deviance was the main distinguishing feature of the Berlin Infantry Brigade, a hair's breadth ahead of alcoholism. And bear in mind this is with respect to the baseline standard of the British Army.

    On the 'normal' side, great jazz, great beer and a lovely city. Oh, and Boxheads who genuinely appreciated you being there.
  9. Sexual deviance is flooding a doris' backbottom and then having her give you a nosh, not hanging out with pre/post op blokes dripping semen from their bungholes.

    Berlin was a great city lived their from 84-89 and went back to visit while on leave from the US Army in 92. Fecking Ostlers (east germans) overran the city and turned it to kak. Damn black smoke spewing Lada and Trabants every where and a bunch of you owe me attituded former commies running round. Am convienced The Wall was a good thing, while it lasted.
  10. I too lived over the Italian restaurant on Adolf-HitlerPlatz. Wish I still did...