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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muzzleflash, May 15, 2013.

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  1. On the pish yesterday in Alexander platz and was trying to remember the names of two sites located there from my younger days in the city (late 80's). One was the department store on the SW corner (full of DDR goods and I can recall purchasing was some russian dolls and carl Ziess binos!), now the Kaufhaus and the other location was the big hotel, now a Park Inn.

    Any you old cold war warriors help, thinking of Brotherton Lad/Roof Rat?

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  2. The store was the Centrum-Warenhaus and the hotel the Interhotel Stadt Berlin
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  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Both ring bells. Centrum was like Argos without the wonderful customer service.

    May have some dodgy photos from the mid 80s and will look in the morning.
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  4. sure i saw both places when i was on the way down to do some swimming at the local leisure centre....think it was called Mon Cheries........well they did have a bath in there and always came away with a sweat
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  5. Stadt hotel that's the badger! Had a couple of quality mess nights in there, thinking we were rockstars due to the DM exchange rate.
  6. Lunchtime meal dressed in 2s, we gave a tip that was more than the meal cost.
    Went back in the early evening, great long queue of locals. We went to the back, but restaurant head honcho came out to us saying "Gentlemen, your table is waiting". Steaks and wine, dirt cheap and loads of. Excellent service.

    Never has tipping been so worthwhile.
  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Berlin in the 60s, US style:

  8. Visiting Centrum was a peculiar experience, in that you discovered within a few feet of passing the entrance that nobody in East Berlin used any form of deodorant, and the store wasn't airconditioned. I bought a number of things there - a tent, and camping gear which I used for a few years (and still have), and a number of woollen rugs, which shrunk spectacularly. Better shopping was to be had at the place nearby which sold optical gear, when it was available.

    The hotel was a favourite of the Sov Intelligence services for trapping the unwary visitor; a large area was given over to their surveillance suite, and the ladies in the bars were extra special.

    Edit: When I was there the GOC (possibly Tilda Swinton's dad?) decided that to deprive the Easties of leather footwear by buying in the East at the lower prices was immoral, and an edict was issued that nobody should do so. Didn't see the attraction, myself.
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  9. You must have been taking a really scenic route if you went from Spandau to Stutti via Alex!
  10. Isn't/wasn't Mon Cheries in "Grotty Chatlotty"?
  11. Its in Stuttgarter Platz which is in the Charlottenburg district, just around the corner from Charlottenburg S-Bahn station where the BMT terminated in Berlin.

    Yup, I guess you could call it "Grotty Charlotty" as there were a number of similar "Establishments" in the district.
  12. Is it still going?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the memories.
  13. Still there:


    I see the P&SS covert operator is still lurking there, too.
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  14. My God it looks small in daylight!
  15. It always does after a good wash.
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