Berkhamstead School CCF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know what it is like as a CCF please PM me.

  2. 61 Views and no reply?
  3. The one in Cheltenham or the one in Herts?
  4. The one in Herts.....
  5. sorry - can't help. Only know the one in Chelt...
  6. Didn't Graham Greene go there? Probably full of Quiet Americans. Or Men from Havana. Or Catholics.
  7. Micheal Meacher did.
    Was a member of the CCF so ask him.
  8. I was sort of asking about the CCF.
  9. Two threads on different 'schools'? What's this, you trying to find which is more nails to be in with the most ally uniform or which one takes little girls as well as little boy?
  10. Stop being a c.o.c.k - there are teaching jobs in both school advertise and both have CCFs. A mate of mine is looking at both schools. Just asking around.

    Is it not the same that guys on here ask about different regiments and accom etc?
  11. And is your 'mate' going to choose the job that is his livelyhood based on which school has the best CCF?

    I think not...
  12. Quote;
    there are teaching jobs in both school advertise and both have CCFs

    You lie :(
  13. No I'm not. Although this is not the primary reason why a person would choose one school over another but extra curricular activities can be the icing on the cake.

    Come on guys lets all grow up.
  14. No CCF at Berkhampstead School Cheltenham maybe your confusing it with the War Games Club.
  15. But there is one at the collegiate school in Herts.