Berghaus Yeti Gaiters - Green

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by onfire, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. I guess the title says it all:

    i acquired these with a pair of boots i bought, but they just aint me and have sat unused for the last 3 months.

    Goretex, these gaiters are virtually unused - and although there is minor evidence that they have been worn, they are in excellent condition.

    Size - Medium (marked 2a on the inside of the rubber sole) - i am an 8 / 42

    i hope the photo comes out within this advert, otherwise PM me and ill send a pic of them.

    £30 (including P&P) - paypal, cash, cheque (PM me for more info)

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  2. Are they any good and keeping boots dry...??

    Will you 'part-ex' for a pair of puttees with the tapes tailored...??

    Why are they on your bed..??
  3. im looking for money, money, money - that would be a good line for a song!

    theyre on the bed (quilt removed for PERSEC!!) cos it was a handy flat space to take photos

    they are a gucci piece of kit with goretex material all over, good stormflap, and apparently they can be made to fit military boots as well as hill walking boots

    send me money, or make me laugh boys
  4. Don't your feet get wet with those holes in the bottom? no wonder they are only £30.00
  5. What colour are they?
  6. wah - virus nine