Berghaus Vulcan shortback

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HENDO, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Gonna order this bergen in a size one anyone know if this is gonna be ok with belt kit? im about 6` 1 .
  2. Steady, steady. I made this mistake years ago. You need to make the rucksack fit without belt kit. There's lots of times you need to carry a rucksack without belt order. When you have got the belt order on it doesn't matter so much because there's plenty of adjustment to get it further up your back. I'm bang on 6' 0". I bought a Cyclops Roc in a size (rushes to spare room to check...)

    Hmm, the label has rubbed through! B ugger! Anyway I recall it was a size 2. I actually needed a size 3 because otherwise it was too short from hips to shoulders and all the weight was carried on the shoulders. You could get away with this over (wait for it!) 58 pattern kidney pouches but really it was a pain in the arrse more often than not. Last year I bought a second hand Crusader in size 3. Bliss! I can carry anything in it all day, no bother. I think at your height a Size 3 will be correct too unless they've altered the sizing in recent years but measure carefully according to whatever size plans they show in the catalogue.

    Hope this helps,

    Ex STAB.
  3. I'm sorry but I disagree totally, if he's going to be using the rucksack with webbing, it's very important that he can wear it comfortably over webbing.

    Lots of rucksacks sit really nicely if you're not wearing webbing, but are unstable or uncomfortable if you are. Take your webbing with you to the shop and see how it fits!
  4. Sadly its mail order however I have been informed any problems i can send it back and go for the next size up.
  5. Have you not been issued a PLCE bergan?
  6. Yher iv got plce but I want something with a better back support also with the function of a zip in the bottom for sleeping system.

    Does anyone actually own a vulcan who is around my height what size have they gone for
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'd go along with TT on his assessment of wearing it with webbing.

    It's a good bergan with a very comfortable back, but the zipped lower entry (!) can be a pig to use if you're carrying much kit.
    Needs some external pouches mind.
  8. Yher think im gonna go with that its ordered in a size 1 which is a shortback getting it from rvops they've been more than helpfull couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    Just wondering if a size 2 might be ok thats mainly the reason why iv posted this to see if anyone my height has used this and what sizes suit them ?
  9. Well do let us know how you get on with it.
  10. I actually do own a vulcan, used it for years.

    Problem is though it is OG, people get a monk on now if you are useing it. Suppose you could buy a DPM cover.

    I am about your size and I got a long back. Never had any problem with it on top of my webbing or when not in webbing. I've never really used the bottom zip to be honest, and apart from a small problem when my top pocket zip broke on exercise (mint :S) it has been really good.

    Have you thought about the Arktis PLCE bergan? From what i have heard and seen it is not bad. Had a lad on a course who was "Mr Arktis".

    clicky for PLCE bergan with all the bells and whistles.

    The guy certainly liked it (he also had an arktis day sac too)
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The link is to a poxy W*bt*x bergan not Arkis.

    While they claim it's made of milspec IRR material they're lying like a bastard crossbreed of Kira C*chrane and Pi*rs Morg*n.
  12. Thats a webtext one on the link won't toutch webtex heard nothing but bad reports what size in your vulan bergen by the way?
  13. ah, the webtex ultimax bergan (the links to that product). yes, a mate has got one of them & regretes the day he ever bought it. it looked great in the shop. but after using it a few times, he finds that you cant zip the side pockets on if the bergans full. it looks bigger in capacity than it actualy is & the side pockets are narrower than the plce issue versions. to name but a few of the snags hes had with it.

    don't forget jay-jays in brecon & one or two other firms will mode plce & similar bergans for you.
  14. I will have to dig it out. I only remember there being two sizes when I bought it, I got the long back,i think.

    Size 0, 1, 2 etc I don't know about. Like I say i am sure there was only two sizes, but i bought it in '93.

    I suppose you could get a stich to add on some pouches to it in the place of the pocket on a PLCE. I attached two utility pouches (OG naturally) to mine with some webbing strap. Which did the trick lovely. and it didn't fall over when stood up.