Berghaus Munro 35lt Bergen cover and liner?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Davey075, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi there.

    Can anyone recommend a good bergen cover to fit over a Berghaus Munro 35 lt pack and a liner for inside?
  2. Not sure about a cover, but I use an Ortlieb liner for mine.

    I use a full size one which fits either the bergen or the munro nicely.
  3. Here you go:

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  4. Thanks Matt. I was wondering if a full sized liner might be a bit big for the Munro. I do have one somewhere (probably up in my loft with all my other junk) I might dig it out and see how it fits.
  5. Don't mind the design but the colours not really what I had in mind! Have you got a link for that item?
  6. Ah, I was taking the piss because I thought you wanted it for military use.

    Look for "Hump" backpack covers (this isn't a pisstake), they seem to be very popular & even though I'm not a cyclist I was tempted to get one to go over my laptop backpack for when I was walking through my village after work in the dark as cars tend not to worry about the narrow pavements/lack of street lighting.

    Here they are...
  7. I left the Army a few years ago so thankfully I no longer need worry too much about scrimming myself or my pack up anymore!

    Those aren't bad covers actually...might invest in one for my daughter.

  8. This may seem glaringly obvious, but for liners it's quite important to use the correct size. I have a canoe bag for my bergen, but if I tried to use it in my daysack I would have no space to pack because of all the extraneous fabric.

    To be honest for all but the most arduous use, or if your pack is likely to be submerged, I found that heavy gauge garden waste sacks do the trick as a liner. The advantage is they are a couple of quid for a pack & any spares can be kept in your sh*d for gardening...
  9. This Tribe

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    It's difficult to argue with that but if you want pretty much the best liner that money can buy I'd recommend the Ortlieb Military Range 50 Litre liner which will fit most daysacks.
  10. My bergen liner fits pretty nicely in my Munro; there's a bit of extra material at the top but it doesn't make that much difference.
  11. I was exaggerating slightly! My main pack is a late '80s Karrimor 60-80 job (extendable with zips at the side) & I have an 80L liner for it. My daysack is a very shaped MacPac 30-odd-litre one & I find my canoe bag takes up too much space. Horses for courses, I guess - I got the canoe bag when I went to work in a jungle in Central America & had to do a fair number of river crossings whereas the most adventurous I am these days is the odd bit of camping at Sevens tournaments!
  12. She'll only grow out of it, you might be better off smearing her in Nikwax.
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  13. Grumblegrunt

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    or vaseline :)
  14. Alpkit's 35ltr Airlok drybag (£9) fiits very well in a munro - its big enough to completely fill the sack and then do up the closure, but you'll not have loads of extranious material getting in the way. snugpak do a daysack cover in bright yellow - can be got off fleabay for about £12 - seems to work fine in crap weather...

    E2A: Alpkit also do them, bright red or grey - £9...