berghaus lionheart gore-tex jacket, repair

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DAKOTA_STAB, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. hi troops, was recently given an old skool dpm berghaus lionheart jacket.
    this was originally made for survival aids.
    now this is in quite good condition apart from the seems coming off/loose.
    can it be repaired? what sort of cost and is it worth it as i haven't seen one of these jackets since it was fashion for army wives to wear ron hills an white stillettos. 8O
  2. You can get gore-tex repair kits, including iron on seam repairs from although if it is only the backing material which is coming away, you may not need to replace the seam. Probably a good hot wash without detergent then stick it in the tumble dryer and you should be laughing.

    Are ron hills and stillettos out? need to update my wardrobe.
  3. You could try these people:

    Telephone / Fax 0191 4193444

    NE37 3HL


    They did me a very good repair to a Berghaus Goretex that the dog had chewed - I dare say they could refurbish as required.

    It was a bit pricey, but a lot cheaper than a new jacket.
  4. cheers for the replies troops, will get on the blower tomorrow an get some prices. spoke to a mate today who informed me that these were originally £150 to buy and are the only dpm goretex about, he reckons that they were more expensive than a pair of lundhag boots 8O . i reckon its got to be worth the repair costs as it looks ally as fook due to its colour, looks like a pair of old skool trops. :D
  5. I had one of these jackets years ago (and I mean, years ago) - so desirable some bastard nicked it. Why the need in 2009? G10 DPM Gore-Tex does the biz fine.

    You're not a 're-enactor' are you? :wink: