Berghaus Cyclops 2 Atlas

Cyclops 2 Atlas Bergen Rucksack
from Berghaus.
The Original British Army Issue Bergen!
This is where I think but am not sure so don’t all email me
Saying you got your dates wrong it was a long time ago,
But I think this is an 83 plus model because I know Cordora ran out during the Falkland and Canvas was used for a while so this would have been after that say 83 on. I think it would have been on Telic 1 but don’t quote me.
Anyway great bit of kit in very serviceable condition.

Olive Green in colour in sound working order.

its 120Ltr as have gor the side pouches attached

pics can be sent via email.

offers around £120 (going on the price of the last one I sold)

Also have a berghaus Delta 55 £50 ono

Norgee tops £15 each

loads of bits and pieces I also do my best to sorce items for people as have quite a vast network of people withing in the trade.

So if theres somthing you might be after then its worth a email !!

many thanks for looking
Southen Army Surplus

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