Berghaus Crusader / Vulcan Bergen

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Canader, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. I have one of the original Crusaders (yes, I am THAT old), which is knackered like me, and am considering buying one of the new Crusaders or Vulcans.

    Two questions for those in the know:

    1) Are these still a good choice for infantry/ mountaineering requirements, or are there better Bergens on the market these days?

    2) I am 6ft 1 in which would seem to line up with the Berghaus 'Size 4'. Is that a good choice?

    I'd be willing to purchase one off a reliable Arser (yeah, right) or trade a PLCE Bergen (mid-90s vintage in 1st class condition).

    Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, and good night
  2. I've had a crusader/atlas for 25yrs and it's still going strong. However there are now far more comfortable options out there.

    For military and mountaineering use.

    If you just want one for mountaineering. These are probably the four most technical packs out there at the moment.


    Ascent | Mountain | Packs | Macpac

    Nozone 75 / Men's / Ascent / Packs

    Aether 85 - Osprey Packs, Inc :2013: Official Site

    Alternatively you could go for a cheaper option.

    Jaguar ST 75-95 Black/Pewter/Flame - Backpacking Collection - Rucsac Collection

    I found the Karrimor far more comfortable in hot weather than any other pack I have used. Though not nearly as robust as the crusader/atlas.
  3. I've got an old fanny pack you can have. It smells like wee a bit but it's filled with Alf pogs and if you rummage around you might find half a bag of Maoams. £15?
  4. Ta for the beta. I had a look at the Whitney 95 but it had some dire reviews on this site: Gregory Whitney 95 Backpack - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available

    I had a response from Berghaus that yes, they ship to North America and yes, they would be pleased to charge me 20 quid for the privilege. Egads...
  5. What about some of the Black Diamond gear?
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    macpac stuff is well made and they do military style or two.

    surely there are plenty of good bags over there seeing as it is the only place where you can still find good framed packs.