Berghaus Crusader/Cyclops bergan

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Covert Monkey, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. Anyone still have a Berghaus Crusader/Cyclops Roc bergan or Munro 35 festering in their loft/attic/shed/locker (delete as necessary)?

    Or even better, is anyone still utilising said bit of kit in order to prove their 'veteran' status?!
  2. Still got my Crusader but I got it after I left. Still damn good. Only thing I've had to replace is the elastic round the lid. Goood kit.
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  3. I have:

    a DPM Crusader complete with my old tac sign and LZ flash

    a green Centurion with ally tac sign and name

    a rare beast - a DPM Munro bought from the PRI in about '83, and since rebuilt twice by Berghaus

    The Munro went on Telic1, so I suppose that made me look like a complete old fart...... I think the only bits of "veteran" kit I occasionally wear are junglies - the polyester ones that faded into bizarre colours. One lot went a sort of pink colour, another set a fairly lurid yellow, and the alliest 'Nam ones to a pale green that looks a lot like the latest MTP...

  4. Have got a Cyclops Roc in my loft. Bought it in 1981. It still comes out for the ocassional hike. Compared to the "large" pack issued at the time it was a godsend.
  5. Still got most of my buckshees stored in my Cyclops Roc (olive drab). 100 ltrs of pure quality, 70 main pack +15 each pouch! Yes there are many new systems around, but i truly believe that the two systems mentioned are still better. I suppose you get what you pay for, and they were expensive at the time. But the service i got from my old pack, was and still would be good enough for anyone today. That said, i offered it to my lad for Herrick 8, where it spent the next 6 months, still in my walk in cupboard...These yoofs have no idea about quality!! Make em wear backpacks, then they'll know the joy of Berghaus
  6. Still got my Berghaus Centurion - 23 years old and walked the Wall with it this year. One of the fastening clips slightly damaged and stitching gone on one of the side pouches, but otherwise fine...
  7. Mine is still hanging in the garage, replaced with issued bergan (green) which I still have and took to HERRICK last year. I'm sure the new DPM ones are not as good as the original OG, which was inferior to the Berghaus. The good thing about issue kit is man at Q&M can fix/replace when needed.
  8. Still got my Cyclops Roc bought in 1986 prior to joining the first time. It's a short back so is not good without webbing but I've been all over the place with it, well three continents anyway.

    I bought a second hand Crusader long back about six years a go and use that for training a lot.....

    If the Roc had side pocket zips I might use it instead of my issue one.
  9. Yes - bought when doing Rowallan Company in late 84 when they allowed us to use them from about week 4 instead of the old blue AT sacs. Last used in a major way in 99 when trekking in Patagonia, now storing excess kit in loft.
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  10. Got a spanking, virtually unused crusader in the boot with the waist strap sliced off. £50 and its anyones :)
  11. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Still got my Munro use it for the gym and walking.Just given my old (canvas not cordura) Roc to my mates lad for the ATC he is off with it on his first weekend camp right now. Sorry to see it go but its gone to a good home!
  12. Yup, still in loft, could do with fresh elastic but other than that is fin, with impressive array of troppies and dessies - not that any of it will fit of course!
  13. Still got my Berghaus Cyclops Roc which was 20 years old this summer and still as comfortable on the Brecons as ever. Gone through two buckles though
  14. I have a Berghaus Cyclops Roc from 1976 in my garage.

    Bought it for ops in S Armagh.

    It is still going strong - although the Bergbuckle on the wasitbelt is shot away

    I wish my 90s and later Berghaus stuff were as well made.

    Make me an offer??