Bergens Long or Short Back?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Scottish_Cop, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi All!
    Im 6ft 2" and need one of these bergens. I'm not intending to be tabbing or anything, just need one for simply getting kit out to theatre etc.
    Anybody got ant advice which one would be best for me? short or long?
    And wheres the cheapest place to buy one? Doesn't need to be a new one, but there doesn't seem to be many on e-bay.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I am 6'2 aswell and as a preference prefer the long back for simply moving kit about or exercise etc.. as for your cheapest retailer I would try ebay.... :wink:
  3. I'm a bit taller, a prefer short back, it sits on top of your kit alright, and doesn't dig the bag of your battle bowler every two seconds, it is a bloody nightmare to get your gonk bomb in though! So if you've got a softy doss bag you're laughing
  4. Go for the bergan medium back................. It's slightly wider than the long back and a smaller width than the short back.
  5. I've never heard of the medium back! Where do you get them from?
  6. I'm only 5'3'' but prefer the long back as it sits on my hips like a hiking ruck sack and is more confortable for me. On the occasions I need to wear webbing as well as the bergan I secure the webbing over the top.
    Is there any chance you can try out both, perhaps for a short tab, to try to find out which one you find more comfortable?
  7. Wahhhhhh?
  8. The QM :roll:

    Have i just been wahhhhed?
  9. Get hold of one of the old SAS/Para Bergens.

    Metal Frame.


    Waterproof material.

    Bit heavy but pretty comfy when you have them on.

    Silvermans sell them new, but I sometimes see them on ebay.

    They are bullet proof (not literally)

    Mine was run over by a TM Bedford and all that happened was the external metal frame got bent. I took it off and changed it for a new one. The bergen was fine.

    You will get all your kit in one of those.

    Make sure its the SAS Para Bergen though and not the GS one.

    The GS is smaller and does not have a zipped compartment in the lid.
  10. Why buy kit. Go to QMs and get one issued.
  11. Hook, line and sinker.

    Get yourself a long-back bergen - you can fit more kit into it. Either size should be comfortable if you adjust it properly.
  12. Below 5 foot eight, short back

    Above 5 foot eight, long back.

    Even says it in the pam.
  13. I've been told long backs are better, more comfortable, but i found one i tried a pain in the ass with webbing.

    but i also findthe short backs we use din basic seriously painful after a while, sitting on your webbing and having both dig into your shoulders?

    lack of experience is awesome
  14. Buy a manbag, they look alot cooler. Or just go to stores you ringpiece.
  15. Now THAT is funny!