Bergens & Kit ,Which Colour, DPM and or Desert ?

I'll be buying from a UK company a Couple of rolls of 1000 Denier Cordura
in DPM and DPM Desert with IRR treating to UK MOD Specs.
I'm working out how much to buy from each colour.
My question is this.
For which colour is their more need/want ? , would you buy kit made up in
DPM Desert or just pull a Desert cover over the pack you have ?.

Also I might buy some basha/Tarp cloth Which has being waterproofed with
Silicone Elastomer to UK MOD specs.It is Very strong
I would use it as the extension to the packs pouchs etc.
Doe's it matter if its in Nato green instead of DPM ?
that way I can use it for Packs and gear in both colours.
Thanks for your time
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The reality is that green DPM is by far the most useful: its what people use for 90% of their service career and, when they go to the desert, green DPM soon turns a sandy colour anyway, due to dust.

Against this you have to balance the tendency for fashion trends within the forces. Currently, UK exercises are full of chaps sporting desert DPM bergans & accessories as a kind of "look, I've been There..." statement.

Can't see a problem with plain green, partly for reason (1) above, and secondly - in line with reason (2) - people like to daub black or sandy paint over green items 'cos it gives a certain SF chic look (as with the old SAS bergans).
Another Q,
Have you guys being given a new Basha made out of this Silicone nylon to replace the PU coated one ?
The fabric is almost as strong in tear strength as 1000 Denier cordura,
The drawback is its very expensive .
Thanks as all this is to see how much and what colour to buy of the Military fabrics
and how much to go into the red in my bank account


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Bloody hell Adam !

Just seen your website - is this doris finished or does it come with strap-on extras ?
Definitely a jousting Diesel.



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I take it Yavin is the femme then.
definitely dpm. i would suggest desert bergen covers, and if you make desert patrol packs you will sell quite a few, instead of desert bergens. at the end of the day, we wear green in the uk and germany, so for 18months out of every two years we dont wear desert!
I have been issued the new basha, have not used it yet, but i can tell you It's massive, It's resonably light (about 1kg) and packs down small. I'm out on senny bridge i couple of weeks so I will undoubtly have a to give it a good test then. :?
I don't see the point in spending your hard earned cash on desert cam bergens, daysacks and assault vests. They hardly make you invisible to the enemy! Even the Iraqis and other middle eastern countries (Israel, Iran ect) wear green kit! Doesn't that tell you something? It's a fair one having desert coloured vehicles and uniform but wearing a desert camoufage bergen is hardly going to make you invisible. As someone has already pointed out, most equipment gets covered in a fine layer of dust anyway.
So to conclude , DPM desert is not a bad idea for patrol packs at a stretch maybe a vest , but for most kit , Bergen's, Vests and webbing you would prefer to buy in DPM woodland to get the most out of your hard earned pound.
I've got it right? eh
Yours Adam
yep. just remember at most, desert kit is only gonne be used 6 months out of 24 roughly. bergens def in woodland. daysacks and webbing in both. why not include desert and woodland covers on the bergens.

Well for my input , sad as it may seem soldiers are victims of fashion like civvy street .
To be honest desert webbing, bergens and patrol sacks would target the owner/ wearer
for a bit of a ribbing . It is very rare that a desert bergan would be used tactically in Iraq and even
less chance in Afganistan . However if you sold such an item i am sure you would sell a few
mainly to serving''walts'' , the ''all the gear and no idea type'' , who usually lives 24/7 at shaiba
log base.
When it comes to kit , soldiers are very simple souls ,they like get there just right for
themselves so they are not going to spend there money on kit they will hardly use .When
i have been out on a patrol and we see a Brit soldier head to toe in desert webbing ,bergan etc
all you can hear is ''look at that REMF tw@t out of camp for a few hours'' .
A bit of a long winded comment from me i know , but in short keep to normal DPM ,
better to be slightly more expensive and have good quality kit, than be like many of the
civvy companies trying to make a ''fast buck'' by selling crap, cheap kit .
I agree paveway. Some soldiers get confused when it comes to 'looking good in your job' and 'being good at your job'. All the gear no idea springs to mind! Having all the ally kit doesn't make you any more a profesional soldier then the next man using issue kit, though there are a few that seems to think it does!
I'm working on a new web site where you will be able to customise and order online
The prices then will be in Dollars ,Pounds ,euro etc
Also Im looking at including the shipping in the price to make life easyer to order.
As I'm the main dogs body doing everything! this slows up the work on the new web site.
by the way I send to a customer in the UK a ghillie suit and gaiters this week.
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