Bergens from RV OPS

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank6275, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. I am deliberating between the 2 main bergens from RV OPS to buy with my bounty when i get it.
    The 2 are Berghaus Vulcan, Lowe Alpine Saracen
    I am a driver to trade in the TA obviously but still need a decent bergen for FTX etc
    anyone willing to give advice on the two and possibly suggest one out of the two as a preference?
  2. Seriously, what is wrong with issue infantry style bergen? Personally think they are one of the things that man at QM do well.

    Ask your SQMS for a second one !
  4. No offence mate but you TA guy's obviously get to much in your bounty to be wanting all this kit. Do you really do that much green stuff to warrant buying one of these bergans? As above the issue PLCE bergen was taken from a Berghaus design!! I don't think you need advice for this mate, It's a no brainer.
  5. As has been said, get an issued one, then spend the 180 odd quid on an EasyJet flight to Amsters and take in a bit of **cough** culture.
  6. As hammered home by the people above, keep the issued one on the go. If you want to get some gucci kit with your bounty, spend it on useful things to put inside what you already have. Maybe some new warm kit, gloves, base layers, jetboil stove, or a new doss bag.

    Failing that, go on a weekender.
  7. Years and years ago, i can say that now with 19yr+ service, i used to see Berghaus Cyclops bergans and always wanted one and hated the 58pattern large pack i had swinging around on my back. I eventually got hold of a SAS/PARA bergan which was an improvement but not brilliant but then it had the kudos of being something to do with "them", shame it did nothing to make going up hills any easier!

    Roll on to 2009 and i see these updated Berghaus's on people and think "cadet" or "all the gear no idea!". Nothing wrong with the normal Inf bergan, Stick with that and you wont go wrong.
  8. Save your money, and use the issued one
  9. Big plus: Issued kit gets replaced free of charge with wear and tear and its all durable kit.
  10. Its not as if you're going to be doing loads of tabbing is it now!
    The most you'll do is from your cab to to the burger van and back!
  11. That's not can be a fair distance from the MT square to the cookhouse :D