Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by liamk1990, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place or not, But does anyone know where i can get a good quality bergen from? ive look for rucksacks on the net and in various shops but their asking £100 - £200 for a 60 ltr rucksack that to me looks like it wont last a weekend! preferably 100 ltr as ive got alot of kit to get in there ready for Wales rally GB. Wouldnt mind having one that the infantry use with the side pockets. If someone got one and wants to get rid of it cheap ill throw in an Army sleeping bag as well ( the suited ones with the arms and fold up bottom allowing you to walk in, that all folds up into the hood for easy transportation :) Cheers
  2. Field textiles
  3. Prices these days make me glad I picked up a surplus OG long back PLCE as an 18 year sprog back when they were still cheap.
  4. That ebay one looks good to me. Only need it for a weekends camping, My mother the twonk what she is threw all my gear out when she moved thinking i didnt "need" it anymore!
  5. I still have my cyclop bergan the best one I ever got
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  10. I've got a Bateleur 90 going for the price of the postage;


    capacity is around 80 ltr internally as far as I can figure out. Total would easily be 100+. It takes 8 x 2ltr SADF canteens around the outside, for a start. PM me if you like.
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  12. I was issued with several of these in the '60s (like everything else they didn't like the conditions in Borneo). What would they be worth now?