Bergen weight for the 8-mile OFT

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hasher, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this is one that's been asked a thousand times before, but this will be a first for me.

    I have to do the 8-miler with 55lb in 2 hours at RTMC on or around 12 Jan (the back end of the course).

    Now - must my Bergen weigh 55lb or does the 'carrying' of 55lb include rifle, in which case, how heavy must my Bergen weigh in at?

    Apologies again if this is a hairy old question, but would be grateful for accurate advice.

    Vielen Dank
  2. "The total equipment weight is inclusive of weapon, CBA & helmet" that's the quote for the CFT though I can't imagine that's changed, IIRC water isn't counted.
  3. The answer: More than most could carry. When, not if, you cross the line, wear the 'hat' with pride.
  4. Get yourself a bin liner insert into bergan fill it with air job jobbed. No one will ever know honest
  5. OFT? Is that like the CFT? Sounds so...
  6. If you want accurate advice why dont you ask your training staff? They will have the DS answer.
  7. There isn't an 8 mile OFT - see below for OFT details. Sounds like the CFT.

    The basics of the OFTs are Unclas as below. The test is done in Combats wearing the Helmet (and for 2- 6 CBA/Osprey if available (included in the weight)). 2-6 require you to carry the weapon in the Patrol position.

    OFT 1 - 3 miles. 1.5 squadded in 18 mins, 1.5 best effort under 15 mins. Weight 15kg Total. (Wpn not required).
    OFT 2 - 2 miles. .5 squadded in 7.5 mins, 1.5 best effort under 15 mins. Weight 20 kg (CEFO & Wpn).
    OFT 3 - 3 miles. 3 miles squadded no less than 38.5 mins, no more than 39 mins. Weight 25Kg (AO & Wpn).
    OFT 4 - 5 miles. 4 miles squadded in 68 mins, 1 mile squadded 12.5 - 13 mins. Weight 30kg (20kg for non-warry) CEMO & Wpn.
    OFT 5 - 10 miles. 5 hrs squadded. Weight 35kg (25 kg non-warry) CEMO & Wpn.
    OFT 6 - 24.8 miles. Day 1, 12.4 squadded under 3Hrs 30 mins. Weight 30kg (CEMO & Wpn).
    Day 2, 12.4 squadded under 3 hrs. Weight 20 kg (CEMO & Wpn).
  8. I was at RTMC very very recently. The weight of your bergan should be 22kg as the staff there take the rifle as weighing 3kg. Water will obviously add another 1kg so 23kg is the ideal weight although they didn't weigh bergans etc at the end of it. Its a good CFT route with a few cheeky hills in but is mostly not to difficult for anyone who is vaguely competent. Helmet has to be carried but I don't think everyone took CBA (they didn't check anyways), but its always good to make up the weight. Hope that helps. D